Last Chances for the Trip of a Lifetime in 2023

Discover the Beauty of the North: Limited Seats Available for River Expeditions in 2023

The days are growing long in the North and there is a temptation to throw the windows thrown open and let the fresh Yukon air in. It won’t be long until we can hear the steady drip of snow melting off our office roof and a joyful ruckus from the flocks of trumpeter swans heading to their nesting grounds!

At the same time the arctic grayling we be schooling in the clear, cold waters of spring melt in preparation for spawning and in the mountains around Whitehorse, boreal caribou will be spotted making their way to their alpine calving grounds. The whole north will spring to life!

If you have Arctic dreams of the Nahanni, Tatshenshini, Alsek or Firth Rivers, we have a few exclusive opportunities to take in the best wilderness experiences on earth this summer and make 2023 a year you will never forget!

Availability as of February 24, 2023

Alsek Rafting Expedition
North America’s tallest peaks, surging glaciers, and iceberg filled lakes

  • August 15 – 28 – 1 seat available (Book Now)

Tatshenshini Rafting Expedition
Glaciers, Grizzly’s and a journey through the largest biopreserve on earth!

  • June 21 – July 3 – 5 seats available (Book Now)
  • July 19 – 31 – 7 seats available (Book Now)

Firth River Raft Expedition
The beauty of the Arctic tundra takes you from the Mackenzie Mountains to the Beaufort Sea. Muskox, Caribou, and Dall Sheep call this landscape home.

  • June 30 – July 13 – 5 seats available (Book Now)
  • July 12 – 25 – 7 seats available (Book Now)

Nahanni River: The first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site, and often referred to “Canada’s Grand Canyon,” this wild and remote river travels through kilometre deep canyons, and is rich with captivating history.

Nahanni Raft Expeditions:

7 Day Canyon Kingdom Expedition: 

  • Aug 20 – 27 – 2 seats available (Book Now)

12 Day Canyon Kingdom Expedition:

  • June 19 – 30 – 5 seats available  (Book Now)
  • June 25 – July 6 – 3 seats available (Book Now)
  • July 17 – 28 – 1 seat available (Book Now)
  • July 31 – Aug 11 – 2 seats available (Book Now)
  • August 6-17 – 9 seats available (Book Now)

Nahanni Canoe Expeditions:

10 Day Canoe Expedition:

  • Aug 25 – Sept 3 – 2 seats available (Book Now)

Two Week Canoe Expedition:

  • July 10 – 23 – 7 seats available (Book Now)

Broken Skull Canoe Expedition:

  • July 28 – August 8 or 19 – 7 seats available (Book Now)

Horton River Canoe Expedition:

  • July 8 – 22 – 5 seats available (Book Now)

Taseko/Chilcotin Rafting Expedition:

  • Aug 26 – Sept 3 – 13 seats available (Book Now)

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Whether you journey to experience abundant wildlife, verdant wildflowers or glacial vistas, our journeys are sure to exceed your expectations.

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