Aurora viewing on our river expeditions

Experience the magic and wonder of the northern lights while rafting or canoeing a remote northern river in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

If you would like to see the northern lights (aurora borealis), you may want to join us on one of our late season multi-day expedition style raft & canoe trips.

Many of the rivers we travel are located within the auroral zone (see map), which means that there is a good chance of seeing aurora anytime the night sky is dark. 

Map of the Auroral Zone (Source: Astronomy North Society).

Here in the North, we enjoy almost 24 hour sunlight for most of our paddling season, which eliminates your chances of seeing the northern lights. However, the night sky returns in late August, and we are offered a short window of summer weather, with night skies that are often clear and perfect for seeing the northern lights.

Our late season trips on the Nahanni River offers good aurora viewing opportunities.

Northern Lights Over Lake Northwest Territories
Camping under the northern lights (Photo by Nigel Fearon).

Tips for viewing the northern lights

I’ve witnessed the northern lights more times than I can remember. Here are a few of my tips to increase your chances of seeing them and make the experience of viewing them more memorable.

Northern Lights over a lake in the Northwest Territories
(Photo by Nigel Fearon)

How to photograph the northern lights

When I first moved to the Northwest Territories, I was lucky to befriend a local photographer who taught me how to photograph the northern lights. The skills I learned allowed me to capture some pretty incredible aurora photos (see below). Here are a few of my tips to help you take better photos of the northern lights:

Northern Lights fill the sky above a lake in the Northwest Territories, Canada.
Photo by Dave Watson
Man standing next to lake, watching the northern lights dance in the sky above.
Photo by Dave Watson

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