Guide Profile: Bruce Kirby

Twenty years ago I managed to escape my life as an electrical engineer and I have been guiding ever since. My international adventures have taken me from Everest to Arabia’s empty quarter by camel, Borneo by kayak, Axel Heiberg, and the mountains of my own back yard in Kimberly BC.

My passion for photography has grown from exploration. At home I am a contributing editor to Explore Magazine a columnist for Globe and Mail and a contributor to the Canadian Geographic. I make part of my living by public speaking (

In two very lucky decades of global travel, my time in the north remains undoubtedly among my most valued memories, always held close to my heart. I love it up there – it changed my life.

I am driven in my love for guiding by the reality that I am creating ambassadors for the north, which I love so dearly.

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Bruce Kirby