Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Terry Parker
Photo Credit: Terry Parker
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham

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Diane Gribbin

VERY recent new parent – see Sean Collins

Guide Gossip

Fall 2018

Greetings!!! This year we ventured to Costa Rica with our wee ones! We stayed on a local family run organic farm in the cloud forest where we all learned SOOOOO much. We explored volcanoes and hot springs, enjoyed beaches, jungles, hiking and swimming in waterfalls! Back home in the Spring we sewed lots of seeds here at Heartwood, our circular off grid recycled haven. The bears especially were very greatful for all the food (and every last plum!) while we were away. We just couldn’t seem to stop canoeing all summer! We are blessed with two of the best little trippers around. We can’t even keep up with them on the Portage trails or in the jungle!
Though our unplanned organic food program to service local wildlife was a great success while we were off adventuring, we still thankfully had plenty of fall harvest for the winter which is already upon us!

We have been busy on the journey of conscious parenting and presencing ourselves for these sacred early years of family life, and with Sean’s work in Indigenous relations, my practice, and training co-teaching this fall with my Qigong Master and his Master to take over instructor certifications. Peace Balance & Joy from us all! Hope you are letting love win and see you up North again soon!

Fall 2015

Wow. What a trip! We are now two and a half years into being parents. Having two babies under two-years-old has been by far the biggest adventure we have embarked on yet!

Our hand-built, off-the-grid cordwood home is now complete and we are loving family life up here in the hills with our little miracles. They are beautiful little beings and thankfully both of them love camping and the outdoors so far! Our canoe is parked just through the woods at our lake where it never gets a chance to gather dust! Hailey had her first multiday trip at six-months and Jack at nine-months. This summer we explored more local watersheds as a family in Frontenac and Papineau Labelle. You can spot our camp by the Jolly-Jumper swinging from a white pine! Sean ventured further to paddle the Esnagami River North of Thunder Bay on a canoe expedition.

There have been several highlights in our lives this year! The beautiful birth of our son, Jack Hudson, who was born in the bathtub and so was already a water baby! Hosting Taichi, Qigong and raw food workshops, and two-time Juno nominee Jeremy Fisher (LOVE HIM) to kick off our debut off-the-grid round house concert! It was possibly the most people and most fun we have EVER had in our own home! Sean’s work with Northern Region Health Canada has taken him all over the North this year and he recently found himself sitting on a plane next to the one and only Neil Hartling!

This update is short as time comes in minutes in the early days of parenting!  Author Bob Henderson took time to write more and dedicated a chapter to Diane in his newest book “More Tails, More Trails- Exploring Canada’s Travel Heritage” if you want to keep reading!

Dianne Gribbin

Fall 2013

We just enjoyed our first family canoe trip this summer. We portaged a lot of reusable diapers! They were heavier on the way out!

Spring 2013

Hello River people! We are on the “home stretch” of finishing our recycled off the grid cordwood masonry house in the forest. The final steps are taking place like planting out our living roof, and lime hemp plastering the interior walls using spices, minerals, and earth pigments for colour. With the solar panels amazing us with their power we have joined the present century and now have hot running water and electricity! Our yurt has now become the guest house and we get to enjoy the home we literally built one piece of firewood at a time by hand on weekends with the help of family and many many dear friends. Thanks to all. What a journey!

We have had time this paddling season to explore new rivers in Quebec and Ontario. Tripping together in Spring and Summer and Sean had the chance to go on a longer white water trip with friends in Northern Quebec, while I returned North to Guide a trip on the Nahanni for the Canadian Tourism Commission. It felt so great to return to my other home! Stay warm this winter, we will with our 16 inch walls!


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