Guide Profile: Mark Kyte

The Nahanni was my first northern river and over my career I have guided throughout the north. Each river has left me with incredible memories.

During the winter I teach school in Kinston, Ontario and teach at an Outdoor Education camp in the summer.

My favourite thing about guiding is having the opportunities to explore the most beautiful places in the north and sharing this with people from all over the world.

Favourite guiding memories are when we spot wildlife.  My most memorable experiences have been in the Arctic, particularly when watching the caribou migrations, and the other predators that follow.  One particularly memorable experience was on the Firth River when we were forced to layover for several days due to high water. As a result of the delay, our group witnessed the Porcupine Caribou herd migrate across the river and into to our camp. Throughout the days that followed we witnessed a grizzly bear and several wolves preying on the caribou across the river.


Mark Kyte