Mark Thomson

I have been working for CRE since 2012, and have been lucky enough to guide with them on the Nahanni, Tatshenshini, and Coppermine rivers. Before working with CRE I guided white water rafting trips in Ontario and Mexico, and did a lot of kayaking all over North America on my off time. Traveling is a big part of my life, but Northern Canada is incredible and I’m so lucky to get to keep coming back each summer. I love the whitewater, and CRE food is amazing, but my favorite part of guiding is the little community you build over the days on the trip together. The conversations, laughs, and experiences are so rewarding. During the year I live in Chicago where I’m working on a PhD in Philosophy while acting and doing comedy. Sailing, windsurfing, and cross country skiing keep me outside and sane when I’m in the city I can’t be on the river.