Murray Stevenson

I have guided with Nahanni River Adventures since 1998, and have been privileged to be able to guide people down the Nahanni, Burnside, and Coppermine Rivers.

Growing up in Ontario, my family and summer camp helped me develop a love of exploring the wilderness through canoe tripping. Over time, I was able to shape my education and develop the skills to share exceptional locations in Canada with others.  My background in biology, love of storytelling, and outdoor skills combined well in this respect.

As a guide, I enjoy being able to get to a remote location, and share the stories of events that took place there many years ago.  I also love the feeling of pushing off from shore for the first time on a trip, knowing where we’re going, but not knowing how our experience as a group will unfold.

One favourite memory of mine concerns travelling through the colourful depths of the Nahanni River’s First Canyon, which is always a highlight for me.  On a recent trip, though, it was raining as we entered.  Rather than diminishing our experience, the rain produced waterfalls and changed the colour of the canyon walls, resulting in an even more beautiful view and reminding us that we can never predict the experiences that we will have.

I’m fortunate enough to work in fields that I am passionate about.  Outside of the summer, I am a teacher working as a special education consultant in Ottawa, and I also support a high school outdoor education club.