Nadine Poirier

My name is Nadine, born and raised in the Yukon, I am the Trip Planner and Office Manager for NRA / CRE.

Growing up, my mom coming from Ontario, passed along her love of river travel to my sister and I from a young age. Every year we did a multi-day canoe trips on a variety of local Yukon rivers. We spent tons of time camping, exploring, snowmobiling and any other activity really that kept us out of the house. My dad hailing from New Brunswick, also ensured that we kept to our french roots, so we were lucky to attend the only french specific school here in the Territory which provided my sister and I with many opportunities growing up. We also got a taste of living an “alternative lifestyle” right before entering high school. My mom, my sister and I moved into a barn converted cabin for 3 years until grade 8, where we experienced living without all of the comforts of modern living, including running water. Luckily, we could always go to my dads if things got “too real”. Really though, we loved every second of our time there, even the -40 middle of the night runs to the outhouse! I in fact loved that place so much that I moved back into it in Spring of 2018 and am loving the simple lifestyle it offers me to this day. There is something deeply satisfying about being physically responsible for collecting water, wood for heat and the other jobs that go along with living that lifestyle. It has made me deeply appreciative for everything I have.

I started working at rock climbing and canoe based summer camps at the age of 15, and continued working in outdoor education here in the Territory, until 2012. I then made may way to Kamloops BC in 2013, where I spent two incredible years Studying at Thompson Rivers University in the Adventure Guide Diploma program. After a brief stint working on Vancouver Island in Outdoor Ed, I found myself missing the North, and in the spring of 2016 moved back to Whitehorse.

At the end of 2017, I became the Office Manager and Trip Planner for Nahanni River Adventures and Canadian River Expeditions and am still going strong here today! I am grateful to be able to share these incredible Northern Rivers with our guests, and love to help plan their trips every step of the way!

I live in my childhood barn, with my partner Gaetan, our two dogs Copper and Gilligan, and our cat Buffy. We love to spend our time skiing, hiking, climbing, canoeing, crafting and living and loving the slowed down lifestyle that goes hand in hand with living in a small Northern town.

I hope to see you on a Northern River sometime soon, and look forward to helping you plan the trip of a lifetime.