Photo Credit: Terry Parker
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Terry Parker
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham

Our Guides

Roger and Linda Estey

Neil says I am living the charmed life of a retired firefighter. I guess it’s true. but I haven’t retired from river guiding! Winters find Linda and I paddling around the southern hemisphere or in desert canyons. But, the northern rivers keep luring us back in the summer. One of my specialities is astronomy and I have enjoyed many nights under the stars (after the midnight sun), sharing the wonder of the night sky away from city lights. Late August northern lights are another great memory.

Guide Gossip

Fall 2018

Greetings from backwoods New Brunswick. Linda and I are enjoying a more settled lifestyle these past few months, doing some local paddling, playing a little hockey and spending time with family and friends. Linda has been working with the Saint Croix international waterway commission. Heading to a kitchen party tonight with some local characters. After Christmas we will be migrating south to enjoy the Baja sun and a few paddling trips in desert canyon country. Spring will find us heading north with the snow geese to guide on those amazing northern rivers, maybe we’ll see you out there!

Roger and Linda

Fall 2017

So what’s the latest with Roger and Linda these days? Our off-grid cabin on the Maugagadavic river in New Brunswick continues to be our main project. It is quite comfy now, although we struggle to produce enough solar power as we near the solstice, sure brings awareness to your energy usage. Our gypsy lifestyle continues, seeing us on an extended road trip for 8 of the last 12 months skiing and paddling our way from NB to Baja, then to the Yukon and back. Thanks to all our family and friends who, due to some minor miracle, welcome us back time and again. Highlights? Lifestyle in Baja, Tofino time, family fun in Vancouver, getting totally eclipsed in Idaho, Lakeside in Atlin and, of course, amazing Tat/Alsek adventures. Next on the to do list: an extended trip on the Stikine river!

Fall 2016

Greetings from Costa Rica.

Linda and I are 5 months into our retirement travels. 4 weeks on the Nahanni has been a tough act to follow, wow. But 3 months of paddling in New Brunswick and getting fat on lobster and blueberries comes close. From Costa Rica our travels continue to the Baja and New Zealand in January.

Take care. Roger

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