Photo Credit: Terry Parker
Photo Credit: Terry Parker
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham

Our Adventure Travel Trips

Neil’s Cool Wilderness Links

Conservation and Science

Future Arctic

Field Notes from a World on the Edge by Edward Struzik is a landmark and readable piece on the multitude of real and mostly profound changes occurring in the north due to climate change. Ed is an award winning science journalist and past participant of our expeditions. Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth, reports: “Few places on Earth are changing as fast as the high Arctic, and few have told the story as compellingly as Ed Struzik”. High praise! Published by Island Press. Click here to view.


The Latest News on Yukon’s Peel Watershed Issue

Yukon’s Wind, Snake, Hart and Bonnet Plume Rivers flow through the Peel Watershed. This link provides the latest information on the Peel Land Use issue.


Very Cool Time Lapse of Meandering River on Google Earth Engine

This satellite view of a meandering river in Peru changes with time lapse shots from 1984 to 2012. Explore different views in this global time lapse built from global, annual composites of Landsat satellite images. Watch change across the planet’s surface beginning as early as 1984. Follow this link.


Fish Stories

We encounter Pacific salmon on our coastal river trips and Arctic char on our high arctic rivers. These fish have fascinating life cycles. Like the caribou, they play a major role among other species throughout their migratory route. Here are some “fish facts”:

Pacific Salmon

Arctic Char


Neil’s Fun Links

Whisper of Legends

An Inspector Green Mystery is Barbara Fradkin’s latest page turner. As a past Nahanni paddler, she weaves a realistic, thrilling story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The dramatic backdrop of the Nahanni lends excitement to the fast paced thriller. Yet another notch in the belt of the river of names like Headless Creek, Deadmen Valley and Funeral Range. Insider secret: the outfitter character Ian Elliot is based on our own Neil Hartling.



Log Driver’s Waltz

This lighthearted, animated short film will get you thinking of rivers in the spring. Kate and Anna McGarrigle perform this Wade Hemsworth song. We like to think that river guides share the attributes of the log driver! Enjoy this video here!


Nahanni/CRE in the News

Nahanni Stamp Created in Commemoration of UNESCO Heritage Site Status

Nahanni National Park was the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.

This beautiful postage stamp features, Virginia Falls, nearly twice the height of Niagara. The original photo was taken by Park Warden Jackie Zinger.

You can visit the Nahanni UNESCO website here


RFK Jr. Paddling the Alsek River

RFK Junior, nephew of former President of the United States, joined us for an Alsek River expedition in Kluane National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Floating through the world’s largest non-polar icecap he saw the peak climbed by his father in ’65 and named for his late uncle and US President. Bobby is an experienced paddler and Environmental Lawyer. Time Magazine named him Hero of the Planet in 1999. He has an intriguing connection with the Yukon and took his time to give a live presentation in Whitehorse following his trip.

Long time river guide Bruce Kirkby published an excellent account of the expedition and insight into the man that Time Magazine called Hero of the Planet. Which can be read here.

A YouTube clip of the 1965 Mt. Kennedy Climb by Sen. RFK Sr. can be seen as follows



Yukon Video’s

See many amazing Yukon videos by following this link to Yukon Travel’s Youtube page.


26 Whitehorse Facts

Want to come to Whitehorse?! Read these cool facts first by following this link.


Outstanding Northern Images by Peter Mather

We have worked with many gifted photographers over the years. Yukon based Peter Mather is among the best. A picture is worth a thousand words so check out these incredible images. Peter uses them as powerful tools for conservation. They are all available for purchase on Peter’s web site.

Or check these quick links for specific sections.

Kluane National Park

Gwich’in People of the Caribou

Nahanni National Park


The Best of the Best in the Yukon! Including the Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers

They flow through the St. Elias mountain range, along the border of British Columbia, Alaska and the Yukon. It is an area of superlatives — containing the largest nonpolar icefield in the world, the highest number of surging glaciers, the most seismically active mountains on earth, the largest protected area on the planet, and the highest, youngest and fastest-growing peaks in Canada.

Check out these descriptions from the Royal BC Museum

Introduction to the St Elias Mountains

Surging Glaciers

A Dazzling Landscape

First Nations People


Video’s From Our Journey’s

Check out these stunning panoramic views. Beautiful as they are, they are nothing compared to the real thing!

Alsek Lowell Lake and Glacier

Tatshenshini/Alsek Lake from Gateway Knob

Firth River – Hiking

Nahanni National Park – Earth Planet

Visit this link to visit the Earth Planet link for Nahanni National Park


How to Pack Video

Check out our new video. Here is your quick reference to what-to-bring and how-to-pack for our river expeditions.


Patagonia Gear Repair Site

Wondering how to look after and repair your prized outdoor gear. This new site will walk you through the process.


People Who Love Rivers

Nahanni Stories with Neil Hartling – Videos

During the filming of the Oasis Channel Nahanni show, Neil Hartling was captured on camera with stories of the grand river with the beautiful name. Check out these short clips:

Story of Deadmen Valley

How it all began

Nahanni Highlights

Nahanni Conservation


Wild Wildlife

Bear Rub Tree – Guaranteed the Best Two Minutes of Your Day

This has to be one of the most engaging bear videos we have seen in a long time! Taken from a trail camera. Enjoy!


Grizzly Bear Trail Cam Clip

This is excellent footage showing a grizzly at a rubbing tree, leaving hair and scent. Biologist Dr. John Weaver used DNA from grizzly hair samples to gain amazing data about the bears of Nahanni National Park.

And click here to get more information about the Nahanni Park bears!


Muskox; Cute, Cuddly and Powerful

These long haired, prehistoric looking mop-tops are a heard animal that generally appears lovingly docile. But check out the power displayed in this Animal Planet video clip! We often have a chance to admire muskox on the Firth, Horton and Burnside Rivers.


Rock Climbing Bears

This mother and cub perform amazing moves scaling a rock wall above the river. Click here to see if the baby bear will make it???


Rare Wolverine Family Video

Check out photographer Lance Goodwin’s time lapse photography of a wolverine family cleaning up a winter killed moose. Watch for the cameo appearances of a wolf and raven!


Check out These Beautiful Clips of Bear Life

Mother and Cubs on a Beach

Nursing Grizzly

Our Bear Viewing Lodge Experience


Spirit Bear – Great Bear Rainforest Video

This is an incredible piece. If you don’t have time to watch the entire movie, skip to the last 15 minutes. The footage and story is incredible. Trust me on this one!


Memorable Wildlife Sighting

It was 1985 and I was on an upriver Nahanni trek, following in the footsteps on Raymond Patterson, author of Dangerous River. In the midst of that arduous journey was one of my most memorable wildlife sightings. The story is on the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society web site celebrating the 50th anniversary of CPAWS, click this link here to read the rest.


Our Creative Guides

Bruce Kirby – River Guide on Travel Channel

Check out this Travel Channel trailer for the upcoming series featuring our river guide Bruce Kirkby and his family on an epic 13,000 mile, 96 day adventure half way around the world. Unbelievable! Enjoy!


Bruce Kirby – New Short Film – The Questions We Ask

What do river guides do while waiting for spring run-off? Photo journalist Bruce Kirkby paddled his stand up paddle board across the Strait of Georgia. Kalum Ko film. Bruce’s Globe & Mail story.


Melanie Siebert; Nahanni Guide, Award Winning Poet and Now Writer in Residence

Deep Water Vee, her Governor General Award nominated book of poetry is but one of Melanie’s evidence of talent. She is also a gifted musician and charming, knowledgeable river guide. She is currently the Writer in Residence at Berton House in Dawson City, Yukon. Childhod home of Canada’s prolific writer and media personality. Melanie will be back on the Nahanni this summer and may even share something inspired by the spirit of Pierre Berton! Follow her story here.


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