Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Terry Parker
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Terry Parker

Isla Espiritu Santo Circumnavigation by Sea Kayak – Baja

Isla Espiritu Santo Circumnavigation by Sea Kayak – Baja

Baja01This expedition is one of North America’s favorite winter sea kayaking trips. And deservedly so! It offers the adventurer seven glorious days of voyaging around one of the most appealing islands anywhere in state of the art expedition sea kayaks.

The rugged shoreline, offshore islands and series of headlands and deep bays make each day a new adventure. The west coast of Espiritu is studded with some of the most spectacular white, sandy bays you can imagine, while the east coast has enormous towering cliffs, bizarre rock formations and alluring sea caves.

After paddling approximately 3-4 hours each day, we’ll have plenty of time to enjoy fantastic snorkeling, swim with sea lion pups, hike intriguing volcanic arroyos, bathe in the glorious Baja sun, watch manta rays leap up out of the water, admire a school of dolphins, explore hidden inland lagoons, sip a margarita and relax in great company. Isla Espiritu Santo really is paddling in paradise – just ask anyone that’s been there!

Please note that children under 14 receive a 20% discount.


  • Certified, bi-lingual naturalist guides
  • Single and double kayaks, kayaking gear
  • Camping equipment
  • Transportation to and from your La Paz hotel to the island
  • Two nights in a comfortable hotel in La Paz and six nights camping on soft sandy beaches
  • All food and beverages during expedition

Not Included

  • Sleeping bags
  • Snorkel sets and wetsuits may be rented

Fully Catered Trips

All trip dates listed to the left are Fully Catered: The itinerary remains very much the same since we still paddle from one camp beach to the next. However, a motor boat is utilized each day to carry all the camping gear and provisions leaving you to paddle light empty kayaks. This alleviates the repetitive task of squeezing all your gear into tiny kayak compartments only to unpack again a few hours later. It is also physically easier to paddle a light kayak!

The boat driver and guides will take care of providing you with 3 delicious meals a day and all the cleaning up. A huge bonus is being able to take coolers so that we can offer you ice cold beverages throughout the trip. If the focus of your vacation is not always to kayak you can hitch a ride on the boat with your kayak in tow so you have more time to snorkel, to practice your Spanish or quite simply – to take it easy!!

Read on for a description of Cooperatively Catered trips and dates.

Cooperatively Catered Trips

In accordance with the groups dietary requirements, your guides will have already prepared a menu plan and bought the food and beverages. During the trip the guides organize each meal and everyone pitches in to help cook and clean.

All the gear, food and water is carried in our sea-kayaks from one camp site to the next. We have no motor boat support so it is therefore a group task with the support of your guides, to pack and carry everything. Naturally, the rewards lie in the tremendous feeling of self-sufficiency, a bonding team spirit and a marvelous sense of accomplishment. Many would agree that this is the ‘only’ way to do a sea-kayaking expedition.

On our 7 day trip we make a re-supply midweek. So effectively the most we ever carry in our kayaks is 3 days supply of food and water. At the time of re-supply the motor boat takes away our accumulated trash.

These trips range from $960 t0 $1330 USD, taxes included. Here are our 2017-2018 Cooperatively Catered trip dates & rates:

  • Oct 14-22        $1,190
  • Oct 28-Nov 5   $1,190
  • Nov 11-19        $1,190
  • Dec 2-10          $1,190
  • Dec 23-31        $1,250
  • Dec 30-Jan 7   $1,250
  • Jan 13-21        $1,200
  • Jan 27-Feb 4   $1,200
  • Feb 17-25        $1,200
  • Mar 3-11          $1,330
  • Mar 17-25        $1,330
  • Mar 24-Apr 1   $960
  • Mar 31-Apr 8   $1,330
  • Apr 7-15          $960
  • Apr 14-22        $1,200
  • Apr 28-6          $1,200

Quick Facts

Cost: $1536.28 CAD USD
5% GST tax included, Price range: $1190-1330
Duration: 9 Days
Trip Type: Tropical Expedition
Skill Level: Beginner
Rendezvous Point: La Paz, Mexico

Upcoming Trip Dates

  • Sat Oct 14 - Sun Oct 22, 2017   Book Now
  • Sat Oct 28 - Sun Nov 05, 2017   Book Now
  • Sat Nov 11 - Sun Nov 19, 2017   Book Now
  • Sat Dec 02 - Sun Dec 10, 2017   Book Now
  • Sat Dec 23 - Sun Dec 31, 2017   Book Now
  • Sat Dec 30 - Sun Jan 07, 2018   Book Now
  • Sat Jan 13 - Sun Jan 21, 2018   Book Now
  • Sat Jan 27 - Sun Feb 04, 2018   Book Now
  • Sat Feb 17 - Sun Feb 25, 2018   Book Now
  • Sat Mar 03 - Sun Mar 11, 2018   Book Now
  • Sat Mar 17 - Sun Mar 25, 2018   Book Now
  • Sat Mar 24 - Sun Apr 01, 2018   Book Now
  • Sat Mar 31 - Sun Apr 08, 2018   Book Now
  • Sat Apr 07 - Sun Apr 15, 2018   Book Now
  • Sat Apr 14 - Sun Apr 22, 2018   Book Now
  • Sat Apr 28 - Sun May 06, 2018   Book Now

To get more information or book a date call us at 1-800-297-6927


Saturday: After you arrive in La Paz, check into your hotel room and at 9:00 p.m. meet your guides for a trip briefing.

Sunday: You’ll be transferred from your hotel in La Paz to Espiritu Santo Island in our high-speed motorboat. The guides will discuss points on safety and provide beginners with the basics of sea kayaking and correct use of gear and kayaks. In the afternoon we embark on our first paddle beneath spectacular volcanic cliffs and arrive at the first of many beautiful beaches to set up camp.

Monday: We continue in our kayaks exploring a new section of coastline with small offshore islands where numerous sea birds nest. Camp will be set up on a new beach.

Tuesday: Our voyage continues to the end of the island, stopping off to take a refreshing well water shower and hike up a wonderful canyon to discover fascinating rock formations. We continue to paddle over to Isla Partida and set base camp for two days on north end of the island.

Wednesday: This is our lay over day – time to relax those paddling muscles! Today we take a fast motorboat ride to a beautiful offshore island, which is home to a large sea lion colony. Experience the amazing thrill of swimming with sea lion pups and snorkel amongst thousands of tropical fish.

Thursday: Today we continue around the north end of the island for our first paddle along the east coast. We’ll paddle through a narrow channel between Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida to discover an exquisite setting with high cliffs enclosing the bay and natural turquoise swimming pool.

Friday: We’ll have a remarkable paddle beneath towering cliffs rising up to a high point of 610 metres (2000 feet). There are also two natural caves which skillful navigators can paddle right through. In the afternoon, we arrive at our favorite camp spot – a magnificent two-mile stretch of superb sweeping white sand. This is our last night camping.

Saturday: We’ll do some final morning sea kayaking to complete our circumnavigation. Afterwards, we’ll have lunch and return to La Paz,  where you’ll  check in to your hotel. Take some time to shop for souvenirs before a farewell dinner together.

Sunday: Breakfast and depart.

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