Howard’s Pass Forever

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The Nahanni Range Road winds 500 gravel kilometres at the edge of one of the largest, contiguous, wild land areas left in North America. Over the past 50 years it has forced its way right to the heart of one of Canada’s finest wildernesses and the back door to Canada’s most celebrated national park, Nahanni National Park Reserve.

From alpine meadows to dense, boreal forest the ecology of the region is spectacular and when combined with its outstanding natural and cultural history makes an easy case for increased protection.

Instead it is under threat from mining.

With claims staked throughout and heavy industry having already burdened citizens with immense clean up costs it is time to draw a line.

Nahanni River Adventures, Canadian River Expeditions and Hemlock Printers have covered the cost of creating and producing this 32 page book. Every cent of each book purchased will be donated to the Yukon chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and their important work to see more of the Yukon protected.

Howard’s Pass Forever!