Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Terry Parker
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Terry Parker
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham

Our Canadian and Alaskan Rivers

Since 1972, we’ve been taking adventure travellers by canoe and raft down 20 world-class Canadian and Alaskan rivers.

Every river we travel is stunningly beautiful, with world class features, great hiking and colourful histories. Some have special protection designation or unique geological features—most have all of these qualities and more. (No matter which river you choose, bragging rights are always included in the price of the trip.) The famed Nahanni River has the distinction of being the very first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Many are Canadian Heritage Rivers, several are part of  the largest areas of protected land in the world, and all of them are perfect for a wilderness experience you’ll never forget – we guarantee you’ll return home with a great story to tell. With stunning views of canyons, gorges and mountains, abundant wildlife in their natural habitat, and the constant flow of clean water—a trip with us on any of these extraordinary rivers is the ultimate paddling adventure.

Nahanni River

Canyon Kingdom

Experience the magic and mystery of a true Canadian wilderness river icon.

Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers

Glaciers, Grizzlies and Bald Eagles - Wildest River in North America

Part of the world’s largest bio-preserve, the Tatshenshini flows through the Yukon, B.C., Alaska, Glacier Bay National Park, Alsek/Tatshenshini Provincial Park, out to the Gulf of Alaska.

Firth River

Tundra Beauty, Wildlife, Wildflowers & Hiking

Part-time home of the Porcupine Caribou herd, the area surrounding the Firth is a land of contrasts—forest and tundra, craggy peaks and alpine meadows, wild coastline and ice-filled seas.

Wind River

Friendly Whitewater and Mountain Hiking

The Wind River is a beautiful and inviting watercourse for any canoeist who possesses basic whitewater skills.

Snake River

Whitewater and Peel Watershed Mountains

Located in the Peel watershed region, the Snake is a challenging whitewater river, suitable for rafters and experienced whitewater canoeists.

Horton River

Flatwater Canoeing, Tundra Ecosystem and Smoking Hills

So remote, even the Inuvualuit of the Horton River’s nearest community rarely travel this far. Enjoy the stunning beauty (and good fishing!) canoeing this peaceful river.

Stikine River

Interior Mountains to Coast

The coastal Tlingit people named this waterway the Stikine or “great river.” Today, it represents one of the most diverse and dramatic canoeable rivers on the West Coast of the continent.

Best of BC Rivers

Mountains, Desserts and Whitewater

The best of BC’s wilderness rivers are yours to explore. Expect exceptional whitewater, scenery and wildlife when you travel the Chilcotin and Fraser.

Mountain River

Whitewater Express

Whitewater canoeists discovered the Mountain River's excitement 30 years ago. We offer both canoe and raft expeditions on this rollicking river, in one of the world's last unspoiled wilderness regions.

Coppermine River

Tundra Whitewater, Canoeing & Hiking

Explore the river made infamous by the Coppermine Expedition of 1819–22 led by “the man who ate his boots,” Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin.

Soper River

Baffin Island Wilderness and Culture

With its rich natural and human heritage, the Soper River valley provides exceptional opportunities for visitors to appreciate Canadian Heritage River qualities.

Yukon River

Gold Rush History

The mighty Yukon is one of North America’s longest rivers, and the principle means of transportation during the fabled Klondike Gold Rush.

Taku River

Grizzlies and Bald Eagles

A world-class wilderness destination, the Taku watershed contains some of the richest wildlife habitat in North America, teeming with bears, wolves, sheep, moose, caribou, migratory birds and salmon.

Burnside River

Caribou Migration, Wildflowers and Hiking

Views of the spectacular Burnside Canyon is a highlight of all Burnside River excursions and paddling trips are timed to coincide with the historic Bathurst Caribou migration.

Thelon River

Tundra Flatwater Canoe and Hike

The Thelon River is the largest river in Nunavut and showcases some of Canada’s most important northern ecosystems.

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