Peel Watershed – Conservation and Adventure

When adventure and conservation intersect we know we are on the right path. The Northern Yukon holds some of the largest tracts of wilderness anywhere on earth, and opportunities for modern day adventures is abundant.  From the Blackstone to the Wind, the Snake to the Bonnet Plume, this complex of mountain rivers comprise the mighty Peel watershed and drains an area  almost three times the entire state of Hawaii.

Spectacular view from one of many great hikes. Photo Credit: Joel Luet
Spectacular view from one of many great hikes. Photo Credit: Joel Luet

This 77,000 km2 of wild space provides room for caribou to calve, for wolves and grizzly to roam and for raptors to raise their broods. For millennia, this haven has stood as a refuge for wild creatures and as home to the Na-cho Nyak Dun,the Tetlit Gwich’in, the Vuntut Gwitchin and the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in peoples. It is a place that has inspired dynamic cultures, strong leaders and a great hope for conservation.

A tranquil moment in un-tracked wilderness. Photo Credit: Justine Wilmot
A tranquil moment in un-tracked wilderness. Photo Credit: Justine Wilmot

The Peel has become one of Canada’s most celebrated wilderness areas and efforts to see this landscape truly protected are ongoing.  A landscape as vast and diverse as that found in the new Naats’ihch’cho National Park ReserveIvvavik National Park and even Nahanni National Park Reserve, the Peel is globally culturally and ecologically significant.  As government and stakeholders consider the future of this treasure, it is essential that we as outfitters and as citizens remain engaged. 

As stewards and users of the wilderness environment, our commitment is to share, celebrate and conserve these places. It is a privilege to spend time in intact ecosystems and on free flowing rivers. The understanding that these opportunities may not exist for future generations reminds us of our role.

Riverside campsite Photo Credit: Justine Wilmot
Riverside campsite Photo Credit: Justine Wilmot

In 2019 Canadian River Expeditions heads to the Snake River and we invite you to join us to experience the volume of this grand landscape and to truly understand what is at stake. With excellent hiking, great fishing and the midnight sun over head, this journey by raft or canoe is sure to inspire! Over 300 incredible kilometers (180 miles) of wilderness river awaits with canyons, towering mountain ranges and an excellent chance of spotting caribou, Dalls Sheep, or grizzly bears.  

Curious Dalls Sheep in camp! Photo Credit: Joel Luet

This carefully crafted experience will create memories that will last a lifetime and bring you into the simple rhythm of a life well lived. 

Departing from Whitehorse, YT  June 30th – July 13th.

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Whether you journey to experience abundant wildlife, verdant wildflowers or glacial vistas, our journeys are sure to exceed your expectations.

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