Rafting Expeditions on the Taseko, Chilko & Chilcotin Rivers

Join us for a rafting adventure on the Taseko, Chilko & Chilcotin Rivers and experience the best of British Columbia Whitewater. It’s hard to enumerate all of the highlights of this river, but a list would include alpine scenery, desert badlands, canyons, First Nations’ culture, wildlife, whitewater and Hell’s Gate – this river has it all.

The Chilcotin River is rated as one of the best and most challenging in North America for whitewater rafting. Some of the most spectacular scenery is found near the Chilcotin’s confluence with the Fraser River, south of Riske Creek. The river winds its way through mountains, open valleys, grasslands and canyons as it hurries to meet the Fraser.

The Fraser River is British Columbia’s longest river and the fifth longest river in Canada. With its headwaters originating in the Rocky Mountains at Mount Robson, the Fraser stretches for 1,368 kilometres (848 miles), ultimately flowing into the Pacific Ocean, and is a prime destination for whitewater rafters in search of adventure.

The Fraser River Canyon is both scenic and impressive with the walls rising more than 914 metres (3000 feet) and the waters of the river passing through a 27-metre (90 feet) gorge at Hell’s Gate.

Farwell Canyon, on the Chilcotin River was once the site of a native village. A bridge spans the spectacular canyon, carved through limestone and sandstone, creating water-carved formations on the rock walls. Ancient hoodoo rock formations and native pictographs can be found on the cliff south of the bridge.

The Fraser River was visited by Sir Alexander Mackenzie, the Canadian explorer, who followed its upper course on his expedition in 1793 to the Pacific Ocean. The river takes its name from Simon Fraser, the Canadian explorer and fur trader, who, in 1808, followed the river to its mouth, establishing fur trading posts along the way. The river valley was the domain of the fur traders until the gold rush of 1858.

Taseko, Chilko, Chilcotin Rivers Trips

Taseko-Chilcotin-Fraser River

Taseko Chilko Chilcotin Rafting Expedition

Trip Length: 8 days
Craft: Raft
Cost: $5,595 (CAD)

A fabulous journey that involves fishing, gentle flat water floating and thrilling whitewater.

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