Tayla Koerber

Tayla is a born-and-bred river rat from BC where she was taught to shovel snow and hug trees alongside her sister and brother. Raised by a raft guide and a kayaker, Tayla has always known the call of the water.

Tayla started guiding at 18 and has since continued her life-long love affair with the river. She has explored flows in almost every continent by kayak, raft, and inflatable swan. In 2022, she was drawn North and spent more nights sleeping in a tent than a real bed. River livin’ is good livin’ and Tayla marvels at the contradictions of expedition life – that which you thought was complex becomes “Oh, so simple!” and the simple things? Well, you learn not to take a flush toilet for granted.

With a BSc in Psychology, she can safely say she may never “get a real job” and continues to float from season to season in tutus and toques.