Spectacular Canoe Journeys Under the Midnight Sun in Canada's North

Multi-day guided canoe trips on classic rivers in the Northwest Territories, Yukon & Nunavut.

Our experienced and knowledgeable guides go far beyond the typical canoe trip in sharing with you hidden secrets and lore, including flora, fauna and unique phenomena. We spare no expense treating you to the absolute best canoeing adventures with expert, knowledgeable guides, fresh cuisine and the best equipment.

Explore Canada's north

Our canoe expeditions are more than just river adventures – they are continued exploration of the finest wilderness regions on the planet. Using the river as a conduit to travel through the land, on each journey we take time to hike, explore, learn and savour the beauty of these wild places.

The rivers we paddle are wilderness icons. They have high name recognition among travellers, but only have between 50 and 600 visitors each year, giving them a high level of exclusivity.

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Canoeing through Canada's deepest river canyons on the Nahanni River in Nahanni National Park Preserve.
Sluice Box Rapids on the brink of Virginia Falls, Nahanni National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.