Paddle the Spectacular Nahanni River in Canada's Northwest Territories.

Paddle the Spectacular Nahanni River in Canada's Northwest Territories.

Multi-day guided raft and canoe based journeys on the Nahanni River

Join us on an incredible raft or canoe based adventure down the Nahanni River – truly the icon of Canadian wilderness rivers. The Nahanni flows through a mountainous landscape, over Virginia Falls – nearly twice the height of Niagara Falls – through Canada’s deepest river canyons, past hot springs and geological features so unique that the Nahanni River was declared the first World Heritage Site by the United Nations in 1978.

Possibly the Greatest river trip in the world

Nahanni River Highlights

The Nahanni has a rich human history with legends and lore inseparable from its physical beauty. It's a land of mystery, myth and romance with place names like Deadmen Valley, Headless Creek, Funeral Range, Burial Range, Hells Gate and Painted Canyon - inhabited by moose, caribou, Dall Sheep, grizzly and black bear.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been perfecting our trips since 1972 and it shows – our guest return rate of over 40% speaks for itself. Our expert guides go far beyond the typical river trip in sharing with you hidden secrets and lore, including flora, fauna and unique phenomena. We spare no expense treating you to the absolute best river based adventures with expert, knowledgeable guides, fresh cuisine and the best equipment.

Nahanni Canyon Kingdom Adventures

Our ‘Canyon Kingdom’ adventures begin at Virginia Falls (twice the height of Niagara Falls) and allow you to experience the best of the iconic features for which the Nahanni River is renowned.

You can choose to travel in one of our expedition rafts, or you can rent your own dedicated inflatable canoe, inflatable kayak, or hard shell canoe.

Nahanni River Canoe Adventures

Canoeists of every style are welcome on our 8 to 21 day canoeing adventures on the Nahanni River. Our trips are multi-activity – your time on the river each day will vary, leaving plenty of time for other pursuits such as: hiking, fishing, photography, and enjoying the midnight sun.

Nahanni Headwaters Canoe Expeditions

Join us for canoeing adventures on this unique and remote tributary of the Nahanni River. Beginning high in the alpine, the Broken Skull takes you through corner after corner of fun, friendly whitewater.

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Canoeing through Canada's deepest river canyons on the Nahanni River in Nahanni National Park Preserve.