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The details you need to know about making reservations

We accept reservations on a first come, first served basis. We encourage you to reserve your space as we cannot overfill our trips.

Step One

The first step is to reserve your spot on one of our trips. You can do that using our online booking request form. Once we receive your booking request, we will contact you to confirm your trip dates and we’ll request that you read and sign our waiver and release form prior to making a deposit. We require a signed waiver and a deposit to reserve your spot. Then we’ll send you a detailed pre-trip package that will help you prepare for your adventure.

To ensure your waiver is completed correctly:

  • Read the waiver in colour, and if possible, print in colour.
  • Ensure that you have put your initial in the indicated box on the top right corner of the first page.
  • You will need a witness, and ensure that they sign under the witness signature section on the second page.

Scroll down to read more on our Payment & Cancelation policy, Insurance and more.

Step Two

Our Expedition Planning team will send you an information package which includes details on your expedition as well as all additional forms that we require from our participants.  We ask that all forms are returned by March 15th to ensure we can provide the highest quality of experience on your expedition. 

Payment & Cancelation Policy

For reservations for 2024, a 30% deposit is required to hold your spot and is fully refundable up to 90 days prior to your expedition start date. On this date, your final payment becomes due and all payments become non-refundable. Once your expedition is within 90 days we are unable to offer a refund for any reason.

For expeditions in 2025 and beyond a $500 deposit is required for each participant. This deposit is fully refundable. A 30% deposit is due the September prior to your expedition.

We are here to help with each step of your journey and look forward to sharing a wilderness river with you!  If you have any questions please reach out to us directly and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

Our prices are quoted in Canadian funds and a 5% general sales tax will apply. On our website, for your convenience, we’ve listed US prices that fluctuate according to the daily exchange rate. If you choose to pay with a credit card please understand that we have to process the payment in Canadian funds, but your credit card company will automatically convert it to your currency. We accept cheques in Canadian and US funds (US cheques will be converted using the daily exchange rate when we receive the cheque – not the day you write the check). Bank transfers are also possible ­– please contact us for further information.

Charter Trips / Permit Buy-out

(Applies if you’re booking a trip exclusively for your private group.)

When fully booking a trip for your own group or booking the total number of spaces available, the spaces are non-refundable after Jan 1st. The payment balance for group trips is due March 1st.

You Should Know

  • Should we be forced to change itineraries or locations due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. forest fires or river levels), the new plan will be left to our discretion.
  • We require a minimum of 6 participants for most of our trips. Please check with us prior to booking your flights to ensure we have adequate numbers. We will not refund flight costs.
  • No matter where you travel in the world, it’s possible that conditions beyond anyone’s control may alter your itinerary. If we incur expenses for unexpected logistical arrangements not covered in the printed itinerary, the cost will be evenly divided among the participants. We rarely encounter such a situation, but the policy is an industry norm of which we wish to inform you.
  • We will not take an unnecessary risk by travelling any river if the water volume is identified as too high according to our judgment. In such situations, we sit tight until the volume drops or we can arrange an egress flight. The cost of such arrangements would be shared evenly amongst the participants.
  • If you require an evacuation for any reason, the expense incurred through the evacuation will be borne by you. For this reason we recommend that you purchase medical evacuation insurance.
  • We reserve the right to levy a surcharge for spikes in supplier cost. We set our prices 18 months out and lock in what resources we can. While we do our best to project cost increases, our business is heavily dependent on aviation and ground transportation, and as such, may be vulnerable to unforeseen spikes in cost. As a small business we have limited ability to absorb these rare events. If a surcharge becomes necessary, you will be notified at the earliest possible time.


We strongly recommend trip cancellation and medical evacuation insurance. We recommend a package that includes coverage for evacuation, and for Canadians, has additional medical coverage. These packages cost around 7% percent of the package cost and usually include cancellation insurance.

Call our office for more information concerning purchasing this insurance.

If you have pre-existing insurance policies please check to ensure your medical insurance will cover you away from home and includes evacuation coverage outside of your home region.

Preparations for our expeditions begin with a great deal of planning, months (in some cases, years) in advance. For this reason we must maintain the policy that no refunds are available within the 90 day period before each trip and we highly recommend trip cancellation insurance. The policy covers such things as injury, illness or death as well as trip interruption or cancellation due to weather, highway closures and aircraft malfunction. The policy is refundable until 90 days prior to trip departure.

For custom or private experiences payments are due and non-refundable after January 1st of the calendar year in which you are travelling.

Medical evacuation insurance is encouraged because if you require an evacuation the expenses incurred will be billed to you. Due to the remote wilderness locations of our expeditions, an evacuation could easily cost over $50,000!

Both trip cancellation and medical evacuation insurance may be purchased separately.  The price will vary according to your age, where you reside, and details of your trip.

If you have any questions about the insurance, or if you would simply like a price quote, we recommend contacting the travel agents at Uniglobe Specialty Travel.

Karin, Uniglobe Specialty Travel
Toll-free within Canada: 1-866-932-2565
Direct for US/International: 1-867-668-3300

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