Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Terry Parker
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Terry Parker

First Timers

We welcome novices and beginner paddlers on our Nahanni River Adventures and Canadian River Expedition trips!

With 20 rivers to choose from, you can choose from a variety of paddling experiences. Some of our river rafting and canoeing trips are gentle float trips that capitalize on the scenic beauty and wildlife of the region. Other paddling adventures include whitewater excitement on which you can learn to master whitewater rafting or canoeing under the watchful eye of an experienced guide. Our whitewater canoe trips that require previous whitewater training, are flagged in the prerequisites for each trip and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about any of these.

River Safety

Nahanni River Adventures and Canadian River Expeditions maintain the highest standards for river safety and we are proud to have a reputation for excellence in this area from our guide training to our use of the most up-to-date equipment on our rafting and canoeing trips in Canada and in Alaska.

Experienced Whitewater Guides

Many of our whitewater river guides are long term employees and all are licensed raft guides and certified canoe instructors according to the licensure bodies in each of our four paddling jurisdictions. Both groups are certified in wilderness first aid and swiftwater rescue. We have pioneered a demanding in-house training and mentorship program for our guides and we are lucky to be able to handpick them as there is strong demand among guides to work on our northern rivers and we are the company of choice. These talented men and women love sharing their knowledge of rivers, geology, culture and river stories with our guests. You can learn a lot from these fascinating folks.

Up-to-Date Equipment and Gear

We only use the latest, new whitewater rafting and canoeing gear and equipment on all our adventure trips. Satellite telephones are also a fixture on all of our trips. We employ comprehensive and well-rehearsed emergency procedures and trip contingency planning in line with wilderness camping experiences.

Recommended Trips for Novices

Rafting Trips

  • All of our raft expeditions are suitable for novices on all of our rivers.

Canoe Trips (and rafting trips where you can bring a canoe)

  • Our canoeing experiences include important prerequisite paddling skills.
  • After canoeists have gained moving water and introductory whitewater canoe skills, we recommend our Stikine Canoeing and Wind River (Canada) Canoeing Expedition – 14 Daystrips.
  • Once you have gained intermediate whitewater skills, we recommend our Nahanni Canyons from Virginia Falls – 7 Day or Nahanni Canyons from Virginia Falls – 12 days trips (bringing a canoe instead of taking a raft) or our Nahanni National Park Canoeing Expedition – 14 days and our Nahanni River: Canada Canoeing & Hiking – 21 days trips or Coppermine River Rafting or Canoeing: Abundant Raptors & Tundra Beauty – 14 Days Canoeing trip.

Hiking Skills

  • Hiking is a highlight of all of our trips. Novices are welcome on all our hikes. Each of our hikes has options for hiking based on how far you want to hike. Hiking requirements are less about skill and more about fitness.

Award Winning Adventures

National Geographic Adventure rated us one of "The Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth."

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