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Douglas Moyer

Summer 2023

Had an amazing 12 day raft trip down the Nahanni from Virginia Falls to Nahanni Butte. The scenery was amazing, food top notch and the guides fantastic.

O.R. Melling

Summer 2022

Can’t overstate how fabulous this was: the exquisite beauty of the landscape, the magnificent river, the sulphur hot springs, the bush plane flights over mountain and waterways, the hilarious craic (Irish for fun) with my group whom I had never met before, and last but not least the amazing river guides – Jeremy, Beth, Aidan, Tayla, an essential part of the journey and an undeniable addition to the fun. Great food, great fun, great stories, great experience. Highly recommend it for all ages: the range of our group was 17 to 84 years!

Holly Drake

August, 2022

We recently experienced Nahanni River Adventure’s Two Week Classic Canoe Nahanni River Adventure. We certainly lucked out on the weather (wonderful) and the bugs (hardly any), but what made the trip for us was being under the guidance and care of our Jodi, Mark and Tristan.

I still can not believe that it was their first time together. Their ability to work as a team was seemingly flawless. It quickly became obvious to us that their expertise in river/canoe knowledge and guiding experience meant that we were in capable hands. They all had, in their own way, an uncanny way of making us feel welcome and comfortable, to the point that, as a group we quickly felt safe to start sharing our vulnerabilities with each other.

Jodi’s quiet leadership skills made her an excellent Trip Leader. It was uncanny how she quietly and firmly led the group down the river, making (many) changes when necessary, always being patient and positive and yet never wavered in her decisions, especially when safety was concerned. And it did not hurt that her baking skills were unbelievable! I really appreciated Tristan’s knowledge and curiosity of nature, and sharing that with me. Mark’s amazing smile was always present and his exuberance in the outdoors and adventuring was contagious. His life experience and insights led to many thoughtful and reflective moments for us.

Our 3 guides worked tirelessly every day for our benefit, but I also appreciated that their lives were made easier by the experience and expertise that Nahanni River Adventures has in organizing these trips.

The meals that were prepared for us were wonderful and beyond expectations. Thank you so much for all the rental equipment which made travelling to the NWT easy. It was great to be supplied with all the necessary gear, and I was so thankful for a comfortable sleeping place each night!

Thank you, and we will hopefully be back one day,

Leslie Flaherty

August 2022

After an amazing trip on the Alsek River with this company a few years ago, I knew I had to share a similar adventure with my daughter. We just finished an amazing 12 day Nahanni rafting trip. What surprised us both was the ability to totally disconnect (no cell coverage, showers or flush toilets and we couldn’t have been happier!). To silence our minds in this busy world is a real gift and that made for the ultimate vacation. The scenery literally overwhelms every sense.

This company is top notch. You will likely gain weight on the trip because the food is plentiful and delicious! Guides are superb – safety always being their priority, they are caring, competent and with the best sense of humour. Many thanks to our guides – Ursula, Will and Ian (Mr. Nahanni/2022!). Next up, the Firth River!

Anna Flaherty

August, 2022

It is hard to find the right words to describe our trip on the Nahanni this August. The trip completely blew any expectations I had out of the water. Our guides Ursula, Ian and Will made the 12 day trip that much better through their river expertise, care and amazing cooking skills. I was continuously impressed with their professionalism and their commitment to making our experience the best (which they more than did!). I was worried after the trip how I would explain the experience to friends and family but now I will be encouraging them to explore the north with NRA. Thank you for an amazing experience and I’m so looking forward to exploring the Firth with you guys!

Samantha Towers

August, 2022

We finished our canoe trip a week ago, and I don’t think any of my family has stopped raving about it. Our trip wouldn’t have been a fraction of the success it was without our knowledgeable, thoughtful, kind, patient and all around amazing guides – Joel, Jessica & Micheal! The care and attention to detail was amazing. The meals throughout the trip were astounding, the magic that Joel and his team performed over the campfire was outrageous!

We had a family of 7, with various skill and comfort levels on our 10-day Nahanni River canoe adventure, and each and every one of us had the time of our lives! The history and stories of the Nahanni River that Joel shared with us about his and his family’s history with the area made our legacy family trip so special. Thank you!

Clifford Wiegers

August, 2022

Had an outstanding trip on the Nahanni River-the experience created overall was second to none-our guides Nils Ben and Olly were outstanding-they truly were passionate about the Nahanni river and helping create the best experience for their guests-their company is very fortunate to have people like them on their team to create an awesome experience-the food was amazing-we had the most awesome weather and bug conditions and the river was amazing-pick this company for your next paddling adventure!

Debi Flora

July, 2022

Our trip on the Nahanni was amazing! Our guides, Jamie, Ian & Chris, worked extra long hours to make up the late start due to travel delays and they did it all with patience and encouragement. They swapped stories, songs & jokes while rowing us down the river. Each meal was delicious and they took great care to meet the dietary needs of our group. Thank you to each of them and to all of the ‘behind the scenes’ support that made this trip a success.

Jim Dardis

July, 2022

What a superb river trip! Despite weather/flight delays, we were still able to catch up with our “river itinerary” with good flows and a floating lunch! Our guides worked their tails off and their hard work is truly appreciated! Virginia Falls is a must see- so cool! A highlight of our trip was seeing a swimming bear floating in the river current past our camp. Certainly a first for me!! This is a great trip for any hearty outdoors person who enjoys being off the beaten track. 5 Stars from me!!!

Larkin Flora

July, 2022

We just got off a fantastic raft trip on the South Nahanni River. Our guides – Jamie P., Ian G., and Chris M. – were professional, enthusiastic and unwaveringly positive. And, boy, did they work hard! The river was incredible, the food was delicious (have you ever had eggs Benedict on a raft trip?!), and my only regret is that we didn’t have more time out there.

Taryn Cator

July, 2022

I recommend this trip to everyone. And I mean everyone. The guides are and were so entertaining, thoughtful, encouraging, hardworking, outgoing and very accommodating. My sister, who absolutely despises camping, enjoyed the trip. That is saying a lot. This trip is good for all ages, and flexible with the guests abilities; if you can’t carry something heavy, then don’t. It’s as easy as that! We had a 50 year age gap with our guests that the guides were able to accommodate for. Coming from an 18 year old, girl, from the city, with little camp experience, this was a luxurious camping trip. The views and campsites were picturesque, the rafts were stable, and the views from the toilets were the best you will get.

Don’t get me wrong, this trip is still true camping; You are out of service, away from any people, with only your group and nature. Your showers are wipes, or the glacier melt creeks, and get this, your phone might die! But do not fear, the guides have lots of stories, educational books about the territory, answers to your questions, and are great at playing games. My family brought a game of Uno, and we played around the campfire before bed. One thing I would definitely recommend are bug nets for your face, and an eye mask for bed. It stays bright outside the whole night.

All I can say is, just do it. You won’t regret it!

Brian Kitchen

August, 2020

As a Yukoner I’ve always wanted to do a trip in the Peel watershed and when the opportunity came up to do the Wind River I jumped at it. I was not disappointed one bit. I was especially impressed with our Guides Dana and Jamie. They were very experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, super organized, energetic and went way beyond what you would expect to make sure everyone was well looked after and safe. Great cooks too!! We enjoyed wounderful food, great company, lots of laughs and the river and scenery were breathtaking. I highly recommend both this company and this river for an experience full of positive memories.

Gwenda Woodbury

November, 2020

We had an amazing trip in August 2020 with Nahanni River Adventures on the Wind River in the Yukon territories. Because of Covid, most scheduled trips were cancelled (including ours on the Nahanni for July 2020) so when offered this alternative trip with the company, we jumped at the chance and were not disappointed. It was a great group of 10 paddlers led by a tireless crew of 2 guides who delivered delicious meals, stunning scenery, flawless trip organization, and friendly upbeat team leadership despite rain, headwinds, bugs and cloudy skies. The sun finally joined us in the last couple of days. Truly a memorable & heartwarming experience in a challenging year. We will be back for another river adventure with this company soon.


August, 2021

I paddled the Wind River with Canadian River Expeditions & Nahanni River Adventures. I am 73 years old and this was the first canoe trip in my life. I had a lot of fun! I felt safe and well taken care of. They met all of my dietary needs and the food was excellent. It was an amazing life experience and I highly recommend this company.

Mark Allard

August, 2021

My son and I had the wonderful opportunity to share a 12 day Wind River canoe trip with Canadian River Expeditions and I would not hesitate to highly recommend them. They demonstrated excellent focus on safety, ensured that everyone was well looked after, we ate delicious meals and we had loads of fun. Wonderful trip and great people! Thank you again.

John Connelly

August, 2019

We’ve had the Tatshenshini/Alsek River Expedition on our bucket lists for a long time and finally made the trip! As a whitewater rafting expedition company owner for decades, I am very impressed with this company’s attention to operational efficiency and customer experience details. The quality of meals, camping sites and equipment, attention to safety, pace of the trip, contingency plans for weather and water levels, and the overall customer service is first-class. When considering an Tatshenshini/Alsek Expedition, we highly recommend Nahanni & Canadian River Expeditions!

Michael Gigliotti

September, 2019

We really had the trip of a life time this September. Nahanni Adventures and Canadian River Adventures were fantastic. We chose the last week of the season for the beautiful fall colours, the northern lights and the lack of bugs. We were not disappointed. But, we also had beautiful scenery, an abundance of wild life, amazing food and wonderful hosts and guests. We were a small group with a single raft and two canoes and we could not believe the food that was produced from these crafts. Hot cinnamon buns baked over a campfire, salads galore, steaks, pork tenderloin, thai chicken curry and so on. It was amazing! We will be back. Our next adventure will be the Alsek River and we can hardly wait. This family run company is professional, courteous, and thoughtful.

Robert Fife

August, 2019

We enjoyed 12 days of soul-enriching experience on the Nahanni River. Our family of three is grateful to our amazing, multi-talented guides – Nils, Ian and Hans – for their precision, expertise and care. Each of these congenial and capable young men kept us active, safe, entertained and well-fed. In fact, the food they prepared was superb! The grandeur of this remote and magnificent Canadian landscape is unforgettable. We highly recommend the trip run by Nahanni River Adventures to anyone of any level of wilderness skill. You will be richly rewarded.

Meg Cartwright

August, 2018

I did the Alsek River Trip with this outfitter in the summer of 2018. It was everything I expected and more. The staff were friendly, extremely knowledgeable about the river, the geology, glaciers, biology and human history of the area. I loved the stories around the campfire at night about running rivers and the local knowledge which were always told with a sense of humor and a connection to their love for the Yukon. The scenery was over the top, really it was…hard to put into words. Every time I thought the views could not get better, we would round a bend in the river and see something else just as spectacular. And this is coming from an Alaskan who has worked in the woods most my career. The helicopter ride over Turnback Canyon was unique to this trip, offering a incredible view of the glacier and the Yukon. The crew’s attention to safety in a remote area was also 5 star. I was well fed and well taken care of. I plan on going on at least one more trip with this group.

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