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Dear adventurer,

The north is a diverse region, with stunning highlights that fill us with awe and wonder. For more than a quarter of a century, we have sought out the best highlights the north has to offer and perfected experiences that are truly one of a kind – and to risk an overused, but accurate term: world-class. With this foundation of iconic features, we have drawn together a group of guides who are second to none, consistently creating enjoyable and memorable expeditions with their groups. This is a labor of love for all involved and we feel privileged to have this opportunity. This team has made us the top-of-the-food-chain in the north and this means we are able to attract more of the best guides.

The hardest part of most trips is saying goodbye…

We consider ourselves doubly lucky because we have found that the participants who are drawn to our trips are “salt of the earth” – the best people you could want to spend time with on such an undertaking. If you have been drawn to this web site and our type of travel, there is a good chance you are the same. Looking for an adventure with good people, wanting to learn about the surroundings, appreciative of attention to detail, little extras and special moments.

Credit: Yukon Wild / Taylor Burk

We pay attention to the special details

Hopefully you can tell from our web site that we aim for the highest standard of leadership and to meet and exceed your expectations. We never stop learning and growing and that has helped to set us apart. We don’t rest on our laurels and continually seek out improvements and adapt to the changing desires of our participants.

Credit: Yukon Wild / Taylor Burk

Our guests are looking for more than just adventure. They want information, stories, history and geology

We have learned over the years that our guests are looking for more than just adventure. They want information, stories, history and geology, and they want to meet the local people they see along the way and learn first-hand about their past. We are especially proud of our staff. Some have been with us from the beginning and we have very little turnover from one year to the next. The quality of these guides is evidenced by the steadily growing popularity of our expeditions. They are all knowledgeable, and possess extensive leadership and interpersonal skills. As professionals in the field they provide training to younger guides for other companies, even First Aid and rescue for national park wardens. They consistently create adventures that are fun, informative and adventurous – and we have a bulging file of glowing letters from satisfied guests to prove it.

Our river journeys are explorations of regions

Our trips have become known through the north by other operators as the standard to strive for. As we see it, our expeditions are more than just river adventures – they are explorations of regions, using the river as a conduit to travel through the land, taking time to hike, explore, learn and savour the beauty of these wild places. Watching thousands of caribou on the move, spying on a family of grizzlies feeding on fresh salmon or floating through canyons so steep that you can’t help but get a stiff neck, are just a few of the unique features one can experience on our northern rivers.

Credit: Yukon Wild / Taylor Burk

A northern adventure with us is a “must” on your bucket list

We have a long list of reasons why a northern adventure with us is a “must” on your list. But it is the lure of the “magnetic north” that will keep you coming back, season after memorable season. The diversity of the north is so beautiful and captivating that the greatest personal danger for you, quite frankly, is that you will become as hopelessly addicted as we are to this passionate love of wilderness trips and return year after year to the land of the midnight sun …


Joel, Dana, Neil & Jeremy
Canadian River Expeditions & Nahanni River Adventures

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