2019 Guide Gossip

Our guides lead pretty interesting lives. Read our 2019 guides gossip to learn what our guides have been up to this year.

Justine Wilmot

This fall Justine flew to Paris, France for two weeks with her mom and sister to visit family. On her return she flew to Manitoba to meet up with her partner and take in the last bits of warm fall weather. They went on a canoe trip through Nopiming Provincial Park, did some kayaking and hunting. Justine plans on spending the winter with him down south in Riding Mountain National Park; skiing into huts, ice fishing and playing hockey!

Justine Wilmot

Andy Preto

It has been another busy year for me! I continue teaching outdoor skills and science to Grade 10s in Haines Junction this fall. I was lucky enough to raft down the Kluane River with my family where we witnessed a cow moose and a grizzly chase which culminated in both leaping into the river in front of us and swimming to the other side! I also had the chance to travel to Mongolia where I successfully completed a 6 day Mongolia Bike Challenge stage race and qualified for the ABSA Cape Epic stage race in South Africa this March! A new development is that I am applying on an opening in Whitehorse this fall to teach Grade 11 Outdoor Education and Sciences, requiring me to move to Whitehorse in January and be joined by my family in the summer.
A highlight of the summer was returning to the Tatshenshini River and falling in love with it all over again after a 10 year hiatus. Maybe I will see you there in the 2020 season!

Jodi Miller

Once again, the Nahanni River did not disappoint! What a magnificent place to spend the summer, surrounded by amazing scenery,  wildlife and people. At the end of summer my office view changed from rafting through stunning canyons to the wide open spaces and big beautiful skies of the prairies. Both are places I love. Now that harvest is over at the family farm, I have returned to my job with FarmersEdge. 

Jodi Miller

Mark Thomson

This year is (finally!) my last year in the PhD program, so I’m wrapping that up and getting ready to move on to what’s next. 2019 was a great year for me travel-wise. This year has taken me to China, Israel, Jordan, Hungary, Scotland, and England so far and I’ll be ringing in the New Year in South Africa. I wasn’t able to guide this summer because I had final-year research commitments in Chicago and abroad, and I missed it a lot. Very excited to be back in summer 2020!

Jacqueline Hutchison

This previous summer was a dream come true for me as I guided a group of friends and family down the Nahanni working with my favorite people on this planet: Steve, Dylan and my son River.

Chad Gennings

What a great summer!  New climbing crags in the area inspired me to spend a good deal of the spring and summer climbing locally.  In addition, the trails were in great shape this year, so I also spent much of my free time biking around Golden and throughout the Kootenays.  When winter came early in October, we made an escape to Ontario to see my folks.

Anna Parker

Word on the street is that Anna returned to school this fall to take on her B.Ed Teaching Certificate at Lakehead University. She is also committing herself to learning the fine art of skate skiing this winter. 

Anna Parker

Diane Gribbin

Hey! This year we hit a record high for family canoe trips! Our favourite one being the Noire River. Our little ones enjoyed some amazing whitewater! This year we also spent some time in the Caribbean. The kids loved swimming with sea turtles and… the barracuda! Sean traveled the North French river on a canoeing expedition with guide friends. Otherwise we are enjoying family life by the lake at our hand built off grid round house. Canning up a great summer of veggies and endless apples plums grapes and berries into jars for the winter! See you up North soon!

Diane & Sean

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