A Wild Mountain River Journey

A tributary to the majestic Mackenzie, don’t let the classification fool you, the Mountain River is an important waterway in its own right and a spectacular journey for adventurous paddlers, by raft or canoe!

Running to the cusp of the Arctic Circle, the Mountain—as its name implies—slithers out of high-elevation mountains and quickly turns into hundreds of kilometres of runnable rapids and thundering passages through sheer-walled river canyons. With high-altitude sections starting in rocky moonscapes, the rushing water carving out stupendous chasms, age-old mineral deposits colouring the mountainsides and the fascinating Tufa Mounds—beautiful rock formations with bubbling sulphurous geysers—the Mountain River journey elicits a reminder of the unimaginable grandeur of time.

Hiking the alpine along the Mountain River, NWT
Hiking the alpine along the Mountain River, NWT

While alpine hikers may barely catch their breath while in awe of their surroundings, geology and biology enthusiasts unite in their mutual delight in the diverse wilderness and terrain. It’s common to catch sight of caribou, Dall sheep, Arctic wolf, grizzlies and moose while on your travels here.

Only a lucky few (less than 150) paddle the Mountain River every year.

“It’s a truly wild river, way, way off the beaten track,” says Dana Hibbard, guide and outfitter. And, with an elevation loss of 1070 m (3510 ft), guests enjoy an exciting whitewater expedition with near-continuous roller coaster momentum. 

Discover the Sahtu’s most thrilling expedition! A limited amount of bookings are still available for 2020.

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