Dropping-in on the Prime Minister

Neil Hartling visits with PM Trudeau with whom he paddled the Nahanni as part of the campaign to expand the National Park boundary.

While in Ottawa last week, I dropped in on Parliament Hill and had a visit with Prime Minister Trudeau, with whom I paddled the Nahanni River in the campaign to expand the national park boundary.

I had a photo of Justin and his dad on a ’92 Tatshenshini trip with us and a copy of the 1906 Border Survey panorama we had discovered 4 years ago. When he saw the photo he laughed and expressed great relief that it wasn’t a photo of him jumping naked into the iceberg-filled lake… which really happened!

I shared a copy of the Boundary Survey panorama of Alsek Lake which shows the Lake completely filled with the Alsek Glacier in 1906 and a 2016 photo by Dave Prothero showing the same location now with only random ice-bergs (where the famous naked dip occurred), and thanked him for the recent 1.3 billion Budget commitment to Conservation.

Later I had a meeting with the Minister of Tourism, In my capacity as Chair of the Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon, to discuss issues related to Northern Tourism.

The ’92 photo of Justin and his dad on the Alsek River, near the location of the 1906 Boundary Survey photo (John Colton is the river guide in the middle)

Nahanni paddlers reunite

Justin showed me his prized photos in his office with two photos with his dad and our canoe trip with his family in the Yukon

With The Honourable Bardish Chagger, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister of Small Business and Tourism and MP Larry Bagnell, discussing northern Tourism Issues.

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