Nahanni River: Further Reading

We've curated a list of must-read articles and books about the Nahanni River for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Are you dreaming of or planning for your paddling trip down the iconic Nahanni River in Canada’s Northwest Territories? Be sure to read some of these articles and books.

Further Reading Online

A mine in the middle: travelling through the Nahanni, the ‘Grand Canyon of Canada’, The Narwhal, December 2019

Secrets of the Nahanni – Canadian Geographic
A timeless journey down a river that was here before the mountains

The falls guys: River adventure in remote Canada –
A paddling and camping adventure on the South Nahanni River in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

Adventure Rafting in the Northwest Territories – enRoute Magazine
We jump into one of Canada’s grandest canyons in NWT’s remote Nahanni National Park Reserve

How a dramatic boat rescue led to a career on the Nahanni River – CBC
Neil Hartling, founder of Canadian River Expeditions and Nahanni River Adventures, credits his career to a fateful day in Sept. 1984 when he rescued a family on the Nahanni River.

River of Dreams – Up Here Magazine
The experience is beautiful. Sometimes it’s crazy. But as river guide Neil Hartling writes, the Nahanni can change your life forever.

Nahanni Gold: Iconic Canadian Waterhsed Preserved – Canoe & Kayak Magazine

Wild Things—Part I: Mix Wildlife with White Water on Nahanni River – Ingle International

Further Reading Offline

The following books on the Nahanni River are definitely worth a read.

British-born adventurer Raymond Patterson’s The Dangerous River: Adventure on the Nahanni (TouchWood Editions, 2009) chronicles his 1920s expeditions as one of the first outsiders to journey up the Nahanni River.

Historical and General Interest about Nahanni:

Dangerous River by R.M. Patterson
Nahanni by Dick Turner
Nahanni Portfolio by Pat and Rosemarie Keough
Nahanni Remembered by R.C. Lewis
Nahanni River of Gold … River of Dreams by Neil Hartling
Nahanni Trailhead by Joanne Ronan Moore
R.M. Patterson by David Finch
The Magnificent Nahanni: The Struggle to Protect a Wild Place by Garden Nelson

South Nahanni River Guides:

Nahanni River of Gold … River of Dreams by Neil Hartling
Nahanni, The River Guide by Peter Jowett
Rivers of the Yukon, A Paddling Guide by Ken Madsen and Graham Wilson


Aborigianl Plant Use in Canada’s Northwest Boreal Forest by Robin J. Marles et al.
Vascular Plants of Continental Northwest Territories, Canada by A.E. Porsild and W.J. Cody


Great Canadian Parks-Nahanni , Discovery Channel, 1997
Last Moose Skin Boat , National Film Board, 1997
Nahanni (Albert Faille’s trip up the Nahanni) , National Film Board, 1962

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