Nahanni River

Virginia Falls on the Nahanni River

Nahanni Gold Seekers

What truly defines value? The Nahanni’s timeless allure, from gold-seeking legends to the modern quest for connection, unveils profound treasures. Dive in, and rediscover what matters most in life’s vast expanse

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Canoe in rapids on the broken skull river

A guide to paddling the Broken Skull River

Discover the captivating Broken Skull River, a gem of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Dive into pristine waters, playful rapids, and intimate wilderness on this world-class canoeing expedition. Encounter breathtaking alpine vistas, abundant wildlife, and immerse in rich Dene and Metis cultural history.

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The Nahanni’s Best Sellers

The Nahanni River is not just a waterway; it’s a repository of myths, legends, and tales. Dana Hibbard delves deep into the captivating books that have immortalized the Nahanni’s allure. From personal adventures to conservation insights, journey with us through the written treasures that celebrate this enigmatic river. Dive in, and discover a story that resonates with you.

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Bird Songs of the Nahanni

As the days grow long, the snowdrifts recede and the first hints of green appear in the trees, I let bird song wash over me, a spring baptism of sorts. We are on the same trajectory, these birds and I as we both prepare for our yearly pilgrimage to the Arctic.

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Canoeing the Broken Skull River

Tributaries of Nahanni National Park Reserve

Nahanni and Nááts’ihch’oh National Park Reserve encompass a watershed. Mostly undeveloped, rarely explored and spectacularly beautiful, each raindrop and snowflake is making its way through the South Nahanni watershed and into the Mackenzie river basin.

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