Jamie Pope

I have been Working for CRE since 2014, and have been lucky enough to guide with them on the Nahanni River and the Mountain River. I first discovered my love of wilderness travel as a boy at summer camp in Ontario and I don’t remember a summer when I didn’t travel down a river in Canada. I love spending time on the water and in the wilderness with people, sharing experiences and connecting with the natural world. When not working as a river guide in the north I am an outdoor education teacher in Victoria. Living on Vancouver Island is great for a whitewater fanatic such as myself. We get to paddle here all winter long. As a teacher, guiding in the north has been a great way to spend the summers, in land of the midnight sun. What I love most about guiding is the time spent with people away from all of our everyday distractions. In my opinion guides have the best office in the world and it sure makes getting up early to go to work a whole lot easier.