Joel Hibbard

My name is Joel, I am a guide and outfitter for Nahanni River Adventures / Canadian River Expeditions. Along with my family I own and operate this legendary company and work with the most talented guides on earth!

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have parents who were deeply immersed in the wilderness environment, and quickly introduced my sister Dana and I to all the natural world has to offer! My first trip on the Nahanni River I was only five and the hook was set!

Many years, and many rivers later, I am still spending as much time on the water as I can and make time for running, surfing, skiing and hunting. In the shorter days of the Yukon winter I write and work on creative projects!

I feel so fortunate  to be able to share our wilderness destinations which include Canadas most iconic rivers with our guests. Whether it’s floating alongside glaciers on the Alsek, immersing ourselves in cultural history on the Firth or travelling through the famous Nahanni canyons, these incredible places provide an inspiring respite from everyday life, connect us to the natural environment and allow us to hit the reset button. This is a privilege that I am grateful for everyday!

I call the Yukon my home now, and live in Whitehorse with my wife Maddie and our dog Frijo, where the wilderness is never far and the woodstove is blazing!

Talk soon!