Medical, Rental & Insurance Form

Welcome Fellow River Traveler!

Your completed Medical, Rental & Insurance Form will help us in being best prepared for your upcoming trip. The sooner we receive it, the better we can plan and ensure the best trip possible for all our guests. Please complete and submit it at your earliest convenience.

BEFORE YOU PROCEED to complete your form, please read these tips to help ease the process and make things as enjoyable as possible:

  • Allow yourself roughly 20 minutes for completion – you will not be able to save and come back to your form at a later time. Note that one form will have to be submitted per guest.
  • You can always call or email us with changes or additions at a later time. In fact, we welcome it. Answer the form to your best abilities and make “best-guesses” where necessary, like when it comes to rental gear options and sizes for example.
  • Please have these handy before starting:
    • Health Care card
    • Emergency contact information (name & telephone #)
    • Physician’s contact information (name & telephone #)
    • Name of any medications you are currently taking

And finally, we strongly recommend that you purchase Trip Cancellation & Medical Evacuation insurance. If needed, an evacuation off the river could easily cost over $50,000. Please think about it. We can help with options.

That’s it! When you are ready to fill out your form, please click “Get Started” below to continue.

(Please let us know if you encounter any problems or difficulties with this new online process. Call us toll free at 1-800-297-6927 or by email at