River Camping Myths Exploded

Loo-with-a-view and other myth busting comfort experiences.

Myth #1 Toilet discomposure

“It’s almost like home” is a common exclamation after the first visit to the loo on one of our trips. A good comfortable seat, privacy, a protective outhouse-size tent in inclement weather, sweet smell, and often a view-to-die-for, all make for a satisfying experience!

Myth #2 Sleep discomfort

Then there is sleeping. Perhaps it’s the soothing sound of the river flowing by, the active river lifestyle, or the carefree head space afforded by wilderness, but having a good night sleep is amazingly common.  This was the case even before the advent of luxury sleeping pads, and now these thick welcoming mattresses seem to embrace and lull you into slumber land, with a level of comfort that one would never associate with camping. Learn more about river camping >

Myth #3 Going Buggy

The Tat, Alsek, Nahanni, and Peel watersheds are well drained semi-alpine areas so most of the way we are amazingly bug free. How about the Firth, Burnside and other high arctic rivers? It is true that the high arctic tundra can have its’ share of mosquitoes, but there are no deer flies and few black flies. In fact most people comment that the bugs were worse in Ontario or Michigan.

Myth #4 Freeze Dried Food

The crowning touch is the meals. Forget those old images of freeze dried backpackers fare. At the end of an active day in the fresh mountain air, you deserve to be rewarded by the aroma and taste of a great meal with fresh ingredients, perhaps with a wine you selected.  Or how about freshly baked cinnamon buns with your morning tea or coffee? Got the idea? Learn more about dining on the river >

In Summary

Fair to say that the greatest hazard of our expeditions is the risk of becoming hopelessly attached to your river comforts and carefree living. The test has been conducted by several thousand participants just like you. Verdict – myth busted!

Freshly baked cinnamon rolls, baked in a dutch oven over an open fire.

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Elgin Wolfe
Elgin Wolfe
8 years ago

I agree completely with the positive comments about the food. It was like eating a meal in a five-star restaurant but with tha added benefits of outdoor aromas and fantastic scenery. Even the comfort was very good. And we even had the opportunity to help with the cleanup!


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