A return to the Nahanni

Owner Joel Hibbard reflects on returning to the river he grew up on after a year away due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and how the time away only confirmed his passion for the Nahanni and its incredible ecology.

I missed the Nahanni River and had a yearning in my bones to once again journey upon its waters. Year after year, its currents have lifted our boats as we share the wonders of the Canyon Kingdom with friends from around the world. To not be surrounded by its powerful landscapes in 2020 was a sure reminder of just how incredible it is! 

After selecting a small crew of guides, we headed into the Northwest Territories and after a two week quarantine was completed we had a joyous return to the river that started it all for us. Joining us were a group of Yellowknife residents and photographer Angela Gzowski who captured these magic moments! 

We were one of the only groups to have paddled the river in the past two years and to have Nahanni National Park reserve all to ourselves felt incredible! We were visited by varied wildlife, saw the full wonder of Virginia Falls and walked the trails that keep drawing us back! 

We hope these images spark warm memories and leave you inspired to journey upon The River with a Beautiful Name

A raft on the Nahanni River in front of Virginia Falls.
Our first moments in the Nahanni’s  currents filled our lungs with the cool air funnelled over the falls’ precipice 
Rafting through the Grand Canyons of the Nahanni River
With limestone walls that soar a 1000 meters into the sky we inevitably felt very small! 
A swim on a hot days was not to be missed! The canyons were welcoming and warm
Rolling through George’s Riffle under a warm sun!
Campfire on the Nahanni River
Our August departure saw the return of the night sky (and the Aurora!)
Pulpit Rock, seared into my psyche 
Playing in packrafts was a tonne of fun! 

Interested in learning more?

Whether you journey to experience abundant wildlife, verdant wildflowers or glacial vistas, our journeys are sure to exceed your expectations.

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