Virginia Falls on the Nahanni River

Visiting Virginia Falls (Náįlįcho) is one of the many highlights of a river journey down the Nahanni River in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

All of our rafting and canoeing trips on the Nahanni river feature at least one day camping at Virginia Falls—or what in the Dene tongue translates to “big water falling”.

The falls drop 302 feet, nearly twice the height of Niagara Falls! Rare orchids thrive in its billowing mist. The vast expanse of the falls captivates photographers and hikers with a tireless display of powerful drama. Keen and fit hikers may undertake an all-day expedition to the top of Sunblood Mountain for an excellent view of the surrounding area. Others can enjoy exploring the expansive area overlooking the brink of the falls.

Sluice Box Rapids on the brink of Virginia Falls, Nahanni National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Photo: Noel Hendrickson)

Standing below the thundering Virginia Falls. (Photo: Noel Hendrickson)

The centre spire of harder rock that splits the flow is referred to by paddlers as Mason’s Rock. Bill Mason was a filmmaker, artist, and an environmentalist who did much to educate the public about wild rivers and wild places. The falls were named after the daughter of American explorer Fenley Hunter in 1928.

Hikers on their way back down from the peak of Sunblood Mountain where they were awarded with an excellent view of the surrounding area. (Photo: Noel Hendrickson)

Virginia Falls Video

Watch a 2-minute video highlighting the sights at Virginia Falls on the Nahanni River.

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Virginia Falls on the Nahanni River

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