Don’t Miss Amazing Northern Birding Opportunities

One of the best kept secrets on our expeditions are the incredible opportunities for birders, from beginners to experts, to see migrating waterfowl as they head north in the spring.
The Arctic Tern makes the longest migration of any bird, traveling some 20,000 miles round-trip from Arctic to Antarctic. (photo by: Robert Purney)

Birds from the east and west coasts and as far away as South America migrate to the Canadian North each spring to nest and raise their young. Northern bird watching is legendary. At staging areas in the spring and fall, the northern sky fills with birds as a flock takes flight. Waterfowl including ducks, geese, swans and gulls nest on every available pond and lake in the north through the summer; songbirds nestle in the tundra under foot, birds of prey, including Bald Eagles, circle overhead. All told, over 200 bird species breed and stage in the Northwest Territories every year. What’s on your bird list?

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Joel Hibbard

Joel Hibbard

Joel is an owner, outfitter and guide with Canadian River Expeditions. His favourite paddling trip is the upper stretches of the Nahanni River which saves him from having to choose which part of the park he enjoys most! Joel has a lifetime of experience in the Nahanni and looks forward to sharing the beauty, history and adventure of the North with you.

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