Wildlife & Plant Viewing

The North is rich with some of the most abundant and diverse plant and wildlife anywhere in the world.

Over 400 species of birds and 100 species of mammals are known to inhabit or migrate here. Excellent wildlife viewing for species such as grizzly bear, moose, caribou, bald eagles and marine life can be had with ease and in numbers unknown in most other areas of North America.

Wildlife Viewing

The north offers some of the most spectacular opportunities for viewing wildlife in the world. The following links provide information about wildlife, birds, and fish available in the north.

Botanical Exploration

For the aspiring botanist or horticulturist fascinated by eco-systems, biodiversity and discovering native plant species, we’ve collected several local plant lists for you to take on your adventure vacation with us. Enjoy!

Stories That Might Interest You

Bird Songs of the Nahanni

As the days grow long, the snowdrifts recede and the first hints of green appear in the trees, I let bird song wash over me, a spring baptism of sorts. We are on the same trajectory, these birds and I as we both prepare for our yearly pilgrimage to the Arctic.

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In Our Element

As we settle into our fall routine in the North full of gear maintenance and gathering firewood I often find my mind returning to some of the sublime moments of seasons past. Those points in time where my senses were fully engaged and a point in time became seared in my mind; these are moments both profound and ordinary in the wilds of the Nahanni watershed.

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Discoveries on Nunaluk Spit on the Firth River.

Finding Mammoths on the Firth River

Nunaluk Spit is a place unlike any other. Here, the Firth River meets the least-explored ocean on our planet: the Arctic Ocean, a place where the intensity and vibrancy of the North never disappoints.

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Bison by Broken Skull River

Wood Bison in the Spotlight

Learn about the NWT’s wood bison herds along the Nahanni from CBC Naturalist Brian Keating. This species-at-risk is coming back due to efforts to reintroduce populations to the territory.

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Peregrine Falcon on the Firth River

Raptors Thrive on the Firth

On a recent expedition to the Firth River we marvelled at the robust populations of birds of prey in the region, a heartening sign of a healthy ecosystem. This journey was one of our Rafting with Researchers expeditions, where guests are treated to the firsthand expertise of Parks Canada researchers.

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