Electronics in the Backcountry

Going on a backcountry adventure doesn't mean sacrificing the ability to capture memories on your phone and camera. Guide Jeremy Flamand shares his tips for keeping your electronics charged, including using a portable power bank, being conservative with power usage, and considering solar options.

“How do I charge my phone and camera while on expedition?”

This is one of the most frequent questions I am asked when working with our guests to prepare for one of our adventures. While we will not have access to power while out on the river, there are a few great options you can bring to keep your devices charged and ready to capture that next incredible moment!  

What I personally bring on expedition is a portable power bank that you can charge at home, and then use to charge your electronics on-the-go. You can also bring more than one if you are on a longer expedition. 

A model that would be a great option for most would be something like the this portable battery bank from Energizer. This battery pack would recharge most cell phones four full times. 

If you are someone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors and would expect to use this often, something like the BioLite Solar Panel 5+ or the Venture 75 + Nomad 10 Kit from GoalZero are great solar options that harness the power of the Midnight Sun you’ll experience on many of our expeditions.

One of the best ways to keep your devices charged is to be conservative with the power you have. Switching your phone to airplane mode at the start of the expedition, and turning your phone/camera off when it is not in use go a long way to making the most out of each charge.

For cameras using powerful, removable, lithium ion batteries, bringing extra batteries is often the best option. To preserve battery, as difficult as it may be, we suggest trying not to review the photos you’re taking on the camera display at camp each night. Did you know this often takes more power than the act of taking a photograph? 

My advice is to simply take more photos (the benefit of digital cameras) and then review them once you’ve got access to power. As a bonus this is a fun excuse to reminisce about the memories you’ve made with us while on the river!

And as always, if you have any questions about gear or general preparedness leading up to your expedition we’re always here in the office to help!

Jeremy and the Expedition Planning Team 

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