Giving Back To The Wild

At Nahanni River Adventures/Canadian River Expeditions, it is our passion and a privilege to share vast wilderness areas with our guests. With privilege comes great responsibility and, as a company, we do not take the opportunity and obligation we have to steward and safeguard the areas through which we travel each summer lightly.

Through fundraising, events and collaborations, and by lending our voice where we can, we strive to contribute to conservation and educational initiatives that impact the areas we work in. 

Conservation takes a village and we are proud to contribute a portion of our sales to organizations whose important work is helping keep the wilderness areas we enjoy exactly how we love them: wild. 

We proudly support the work of organizations such as the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) and the Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative (Y2Y). These organizations have a proven track record of effective engagement with diverse stakeholders and working on key issues that lead to conservation. 

With over four decades working in the North, we have contributed to and celebrated permanent protection in watersheds including the Tatshenshini, Nahanni and Peel; however, what is possibly the most gratifying is witnessing our guests experience the magic of a northern river firsthand, and how it sticks with them, as does the desire to protect it. You, our guests, have raised awareness, funds and your voices in support of permanent protection for northern wilderness, and these efforts have been amplified by contributions to organizations like CPAWS and Y2Y. You are making a difference.

For those who have stood on the edge of Virginia Falls (Nailicho) and have seen the light play across the walls of First Canyon (Ala Tthe Zhigoia), and for those who hope to do so one day in the future, consider sharing your time or your resources with the organizations whose ongoing work ensures these places remain intact and protected for generations to come.

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