Incredible Wildlife Sightings on the Firth and Nahanni Rivers

The story of two incredible wildlife sightings on the Firth and Nahanni Rivers.

The Firth River trip in June saw more caribou than mosquitoes and we enjoyed high temperatures and blue skies. One wildlife sighting featured a grizzly trying to sleep off a feed of caribou. We watched as four caribou swam across the river and marched directly past the bear, who demurred at the opportunity. His posture seemed to say “I can’t eat another thing – even the thought is unbearable”!

Another sighting involved a cow and calf moose standing in the Nahanni River. The canoeists photographed them from the opposite side. It was unusual for the moose to remain stationary in the water, unless they were evading a predator. When the photos were enlarged later at home, a wolf became visible on the screen. The glare from the river had prevented the wolf from being seen at the time.

Look closely at the photo and you can see a wolf closely watching the moose below in the river.

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