Guide Profile: Ian Odell

IAN ODELL Guidus Horribillis Borealis

5’11” (178cm). Compactly built with scruffy plumage. Laboured paddling interspersed with short glides. Starts well on long arduous portages and rapidly slows to a crawl. Summer; note the head and neck become pinkish tan with a conspicuous white rump. Winter; Pale white.

Voice: Accented outburst; “What shall I cook for you?” interspersed with guttural notes “Coffee!”.

Range: Old World origin, in summer Canada to Alaska and Arctic, w. winters local to Vancouver Island. Occ. Spotted w. and cen. U.S, E. Africa, Himalaya, S. America

Habitat: Long, turbulent, fast flowing rivers, nesting on shorelines in small groups. In winter, mixture of urban areas, on bike paths, in coastal surf, and in flight in small airplanes. Often spotted at rest in small cozy pubs.

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