Dietary Concerns

We can accommodate food allergies or dietary needs with advance notice and our meals can be tailored for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diets. Just let us know when you register for your trip if you have any special nutritional needs.

I live in the north without a Starbucks in sight but I too have had the 21st century experience of standing in line listening in on someone else order their morning cup of coffee.  

“Tall, skinny, soy latte, extra hot, half sweet, extra foam, chocolate sprinkles.”

What we eat and drink in a day are deeply personal choices that we are privileged to make for ourselves.

At Nahanni River Adventures & Canadian River Expeditions we don’t bat an eye when we receive a registration form where under dietary preferences a guest has requested “gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, extra chocolate”. Plagued with digestive issues of my own for most of my adult life I know that it can feel a bit gutsy to request the food you need to feel good. Especially when said food will be purchased in the north and prepared over a fire.  Especially when you will be far from the nearest bathroom while consuming said food. Our camp latrines are actually pretty cushy, so cushy that they’ve taken to being known as the “day spa”. But that’s another topic….back to the food.

When you are heading out on an extended wilderness adventure the food you eat is important and you want to feel your best. If that means no gluten, no problem. We invite input from our guests with dietary concerns before the trip to ensure that we are providing them with the appropriate options. And we love learning tricks from our guests about their favourite options; whether it’s a vegetarian lasagna recipe or gluten free brownies, more than a few of our guests’ suggestions have made their way into the infamous trip menu.

Rafters enjoying a mid-day lunch on the shores of the Tatshenshini River.
Rafters enjoying a mid-day lunch on the shores of the Tatshenshini River.

From coconut milk powder to portobello mushrooms our food team has gotten creative over the years with customized options at each meal to ensure that the food our guide teams prepare is truly enjoyed. Even our longest and most remote trips over 22 days in length can be adapted to meet special dietary requirements.

If you have questions or concerns about managing a special diet while on trip or about any aspect of our trip experiences please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to connecting with you.

Here’s to wilderness, not digestive, adventures!


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