Daily Routine

Each day of your river journey will be memorable and will inspire stories to tell your friends for years to come.

Our river journeys are truly multi-activity. Your time on the river each day will vary, leaving plenty of time for other pursuits such as hiking, fishing, and photography. Many trips have one or more “lay-over” days when we stay put and enjoy camping two nights in a particular spot.

Rise and Shine

We like to get our groups on the river fairly early each day, usually by about 10 am, to allow us plenty of time to stop during the day to watch wildlife, do a short hike or allow us to photograph or explore around camp at night. Getting up, preparing and eating breakfast, making plans for the day, striking camp and loading the boats is a process that usually takes about three hours. If the camp is a “two nighter”, we have a relaxed start, things are tidied up and we enjoy the highlights of that particular spot.

Savouring a cup of coffee and enjoying the view on the Firth River. (Photo: Tyler Garnham)

On the River

Travel time on the river can be anywhere from a short 2-hour day to an occasional 7-hour day, depending on the distance to the next campsite. Your guides will stop for shore breaks each hour. Some of our river rafting and canoeing trips are gentle float trips that capitalize on the scenic beauty and wildlife of the region. Other paddling adventures include whitewater excitement, allowing you to master whitewater rafting or canoeing under the watchful eye of an experienced guide.

Credit: Yukon Wild / Taylor Burk

Hiking and other Activities

We believe in showing you all aspects of the areas we are travelling in and not just “the river banks”. To achieve this we have scheduled all of our adventures to allow plenty of time for hiking, exploring, photography or just relaxing. We try to do at least one hike every day – these range from short 1 or 2 hour walks from our canoes or rafts to all day hikes from the camp. All of our hikes are optional.

A hiker enjoying the spectacular view of the Nahanni River Valley.

Late afternoon finds you at camp for the evening.

As your crew sets up the camp kitchen, everyone finds their ideal camping spot and sets up their home for the night. You’ll relax with a cool drink and hors d’ oeuvres and get better acquainted with your fellow river companions, as dinner sizzles on the grill.

You might spend your free time around camp reading a book, fishing, or taking photos of the breathtaking scenery. After a mouthwatering dinner you’ll relax around the campfire and join in the conversation of the group. If it’s early in the season you may get to experience the midnight sun. Later in the season you may be treated to a spectacular display of the northern lights dancing in the sky above your campsite.

Finally it will be time to settle into your tent for the night. Perhaps it’s the soothing sound of the river flowing by, the active river lifestyle, or the carefree head space afforded by wilderness, but having a good night sleep is amazingly common. This was the case even before the advent of luxury sleeping pads, and now these thick welcoming mattresses seem to embrace and lull you into slumber land, with a level of comfort that one would never associate with camping.

Credit: Yukon Wild / Taylor Burk

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