River Camping

Wilderness Camping Made Easy

Camping on the river is one of the great joys of expedition rafting and canoeing.

All of our river expeditions are camping adventures. You can expect all of the comforts of car camping, but you’ll be miles away from crowded campgrounds—and the soothing sounds of the nearby river will lull you to sleep under the stars every night. You’ll share the days exhilaration with your fellow paddlers over a nice meal and perhaps a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

Camping Gear

You’re welcome to bring your own camping gear or you can rent gear from us (this can relieve your luggage burden on the airlines). Our camping equipment is tried and true on the river. Our 4-inch luxury sleeping pads and rain-proof tents make the camping portion of your trip that much more enjoyable. Clean and dry river bags are provided for each guest to put clothes and sleeping bag in. A smaller dry bag is provided as a day bag that is easy accessible on the river or trail throughout the day.

Camp Activities

Evenings around camp are usually unstructured. You might spend your free time reading a book, playing a game of bocce ball, fishing, or taking photos of the breathtaking scenery. It’s your vacation and the choice is yours.

Camping on the Nahanni River

Land of the Midnight Sun

The north is the land-of-the-midnight-sun. At midnight you can read a book without a flashlight. Apart from the novelty, it plays a critical role in nature. Plants grow quickly with the long hours of sun and photosynthesis in the brief growing season, providing food for wildlife that is able to forage around the clock. You don’t have to worry about camping-before-dark, and the warm sun makes evening temperatures relatively warm. How great is that?!

Gather around the Campfire

For many people, sitting around a campfire at night is their favourite part about camping. The camp circle is your chance to get to know the people you’re on this adventure with. It’s where we tell tales about the excitement of the day. Where we get to enjoy great food, savour your favourite beverage, listen to live music and feel the heat from the fire on our faces.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Light Show

If you thought it’s only possible to see the northern lights in the winter, think again. At the tail end of the Northern summer, the skies begin to darken and the lights burst into view. Later in our season you might be treated to a spectacular display of northern lights dancing in the sky above your campsite. Look for curtains of greenish-white light dancing in the night sky.

Aurora Borealis over Alsek lake (Photo: David Prothero).

Frequently Asked Questions

What about Sanitation?

We have several washing strategies. We have a convenient hand washing station that is set up in every camp. Your guides will direct you to environmentally friendly ways to wash and look after sanitary concerns. Here are two popular strategies for personal bathing: Some bring a Camel Back style of water bladder. This can be filled with some warm water from the stove, hung in a tree and voila a shower! Others will use a collapsible bucket with some warm water from the stove for a “bird bath”. Most people will do some personal laundry once or twice during the trip as well.

What about a bathroom?

On our trips we make it easy and comfortable. The toilet in every campsite is established in a private location and well away from the camp and any water. In the “Arctic” where there are no trees, we set up a tent that works both to keep you out of the bugs and to provide you with the necessary privacy. Relax! There is a seat, just like at home.

Do you get up in the middle of the night? No problem. Many of our seasoned travelers have opted to bring a container that they can use as a “chamber pot” in the comfort of their tent. A wide mouthed container and lid, such as a yogurt container works well.

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