Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Terry Parker
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham
Photo Credit: Terry Parker
Photo Credit: Bruce Kirkby
Photo Credit: Tyler Garnham

Our Guides

Most of our guides have been with us for years (some more than 20!) and they truly set the standard for river experience and knowledge. We are the top of the food chain, so we are able to attract the best and most suitable guides.

All are licensed raft guides and certified canoe instructors in accordance with each jurisdiction. Our whitewater rafting and canoe guides are certified in wilderness first aid and swiftwater rescue, and we employ a demanding in-house training and mentorship program. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to handpick our team.  There’s a large demand for guides to work on our northern rivers and our company attracts the very best.

We employ 50 guides who typically head one to five trips for us per year and are considered leaders in the field of wilderness guiding. Hard working, well-trained, mature, knowledgeable, and most importantly, fun to be with, our guides put their heart and soul into every trip.

What do these folks do when not guiding on northern rivers? Their list of occupations is as long as our list of guides. Some will guide in the southern hemisphere, some are alpine and ski guides, others are professors, teachers, carpenters, dentists, paramedics, researchers, dog mushers, log home builders, school principles or ski patrollers. They bring a lifetime of diverse wilderness experience to your expedition.

Jamie Pope

I have been Working for CRE since 2014, and have been lucky enough to guide with them on the Nahanni River and the Mountain River. I first discovered my love of wilderness travel as a boy at summer camp in Ontario and I don’t remember a summer when I didn’t travel down a river in […]

Dave Laird

I started guiding for CRE in 1992. My first trip was the Tat – I have been down 34 times since. Too many other rivers to mention. I have work on rivers in Chile, Nepal, New Zealand and USA. Winter always finds me in the snow – avalanche control and back country fuels the passion. The money […]

Murray Stevenson

I have guided with Nahanni River Adventures since 1998, and have been privileged to be able to guide people down the Nahanni, Burnside, and Coppermine Rivers. Growing up in Ontario, my family and summer camp helped me develop a love of exploring the wilderness through canoe tripping. Over time, I was able to shape my […]

Dave Prothero

Growing up on Vancouver Island, I knew nothing of whitewater and rafting, however we spent many weekends in a canoe exploring lakes and areas of the North Island as a family. My first introduction to whitewater came during a 3 month stay at a mountaineering school in the Canadian Rockies with a company called Yamnuska. […]

Heather Smith

I was lucky enough to have parents who introduced me to whitewater canoeing at a young age.  I fell in love with the rivers, and started kayaking and rafting on the Ottawa River in 2002.  Since than, I have worked as a kayak guide, kayak photographer and raft guide in New Zealand, Ecuador, Nepal, and […]

Ryan Lindsay

“Base Camp” for me has always been in east central Alberta, where I grew up. I have many fond memories of fishing with my Dad, spending time at Grandfathers farm, and mountain biking through the prairie trails with my friends. It was these experiences that gave me a love for the outdoors, and a sense of wide-eyed adventure that […]

Scott Taylor-Bosman

Coming Soon!

Jacob Erickson

I was corrupted by the guiding life early, I started rafting on the streams of Vancouver Island in 2005, when I was 16 years old. In 2010, I began rafting on the mainland of BC. I guided on the Fraser River and her tributaries, working my way North until I found my new home in […]

David Finch – Resident Historian

Okay, so I am not on the Nahanni all the time, or even every summer. But I have been on the river a few times, telling stories around the campfire about Patterson and Faille and others. I wrote the biography – R.M. Patterson: A Life of Great Adventure – and am still fascinated with the […]

Jodi Miller

Coming soon!

Dwane Roberge

Bio to come! Too busy loving life outside.

Lisa Scott

Bio to come! Too busy loving life outside.

Mitchel McCambly

My first season for CRE/NRA was in the summer of 2012 where I spent a full season on the Nahanni. I was blown away by the breathtaking canyons and awe inspiring landscape and instantly fell in love with the place. I have been fortunate enough to turn my love for the outdoors into a career […]

Ursula Kilbridge

My love for rivers began canoe tripping in northern Ontario and eventually led me out to British Columbia (B.C.) to study adventure tourism. Since then, I’ve been raft guiding and kayaking around B.C. and this past summer fell in love with the Nahanni and the north. Travelling rivers is my favourite thing to do and […]

Brad Goodwin

After growing up in Calgary, I spent my twenties on Vancouver Island, earning a bachelor of tourism management at Vancouver Island University. My home is now in Revelstoke, where I eke out a living in a variety of trades to free up as much time as possible to explore and adventure in the surrounding mountains. […]

Terry Milne

I first developed an appreciation for the outdoors while growing up in Ontario on a small hundred-acre hobby farm. I would guide my friends around our property on a wide array of adventures through our hardwoods, swamps and hay fields. This passion for guiding eventually led me to Lakehead Univeristy’s Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism […]

Graham Bos

I started guiding canoe trips at summer camps in Ontario in 1998, which quickly led to whitewater rafting and kayak instruction for many years on the Ottawa River.  My love of running rivers has taken me throughout North America, Mexico, and Eastern Africa. 2017 was my first summer guiding with NRA/CRE, where I found myself […]

John Colton

I started working for CRE/NRA in 1989 on the Chicotin-Fraser Rivers and what were then called the Queen Charlotte Islands (now Haida Gwaii). I headed to the Tat and other northern rivers in 1991. I consider the Tatshenshini River my home away from home. I’ve travelled the river 44 times experiencing its many moods and […]

Andria Lamirande

I studied Adventure Tourism and Outdoor Recreation in College many moons ago. Here I discovered my life’s passion and have been guiding for 8 seasons now, spending some time on the Ottawa River and rivers around Canmore, Alberta. I have enjoyed guiding multi-day canoe trips in Northern Ontario and sea kayaking trips out of Seward, […]

Rich Swanson

I have been guiding for CRE/NRA for 23 years now, 28 years total, having worked also for White-water Adventures and Hyak. During that time I have had the privilege of guiding on the Nahanni, Tatshenshini, Alsek, Firth, Babine, Taku, Chilko, Chilcotin and Fraser Rivers, as well as the Colorado, South Thompson and Chilliwack Rivers. My […]

Mark Thomson

My first year guiding with NRA/CRE was 2012 and I spent my time on the Nahanni River. Prior to my first visit to the Nahanni, I worked as a whitewater rafting guide on the Ottawa River, ski patroller at Blue Mountain and a canoe trip guide in Ontario. My outdoor passion is whitewater kayaking, as […]

Emily Carty

Raft and canoe guiding for me began on the rivers in Ontario. Recently I found myself in the right place at the right time in the Northwest Territories which led to guiding with CRE. The slogans are true: Larger than Life!, Within Reach, Beyond Belief! what can I say? Sharing an expedition with a group of great […]

Emily Cole

My first year with NRA/CRE was 2012, and I had the pleasure of guiding on the Nahanni River. I enjoy solo whitewater canoeing and tripping of any kind, and I am finishing a BA in Physical Education and Outdoor Education at Augustana University College in Camrose, AB. Right now I am spending my last term […]

Corey Moulton

I cut my teeth as a guide on the steep rivers of British Columbia. Travelling north to guide for CRE was a dream come true. It was everything I had heard and more! In the winter I am a custom carpenter and recently a new dad. I look forward to the days when I can […]

Henry and Lana Madsen

Our first trip with NRA was in 1987.  (Yikes).  Moose Ponds trip on the Nahanni with the famous Neil Harling and the infamous Randy Clement.  I could attach some photos but they would be incriminating. In my spare time I attempt a career as Principal with Edmonton Public Schools Along with Lana, we own and […]

Geoff Holmes

My name is Geoff and I am an Engineer with a paddling addiction. Guiding has taken me from South America to the high Arctic. Along the way I have enjoyed sharing wild and beautiful places with great people. The wilderness works majic for people and that is priceless.  I can’t tell you how many guests have told me […]

Dylan Bajer

I began raft guiding in the Rockies four years ago and after studying Adventure Leadership I made my way to the Nahanni for the first time in 2011 and fell in love with the canyons. Virginia Falls in mesmerizing and I can’t spend enough time there. I love finding a few minutes to play my […]

Andy Preto

Guiding with CRE brought me to the north in ’97 and I made it my home. I have guided every summer since. In the winter I am a teacher in Haines Junction, Yukon. Experiencing the new sights around each river bend is one of the elements that keeps me coming back. Seeing the expressions of […]

Martha and Rod Taylor

Martha and Rod are busy “Living the Life” with lovely daughter Haley. We await their submission when they return!

Roger and Linda Estey

Neil says I am living the charmed life of a retired firefighter. I guess it’s true. but I haven’t retired from river guiding! Winters find Linda and I paddling around the southern hemisphere or in desert canyons. But, the northern rivers keep luring us back in the summer. One of my specialities is astronomy and I have […]

Jamie VanDrunen

I started my rafting career while going to school at the College of the Rockies in Fernie; enjoying rivers such as the Athabasca, Elk, and Kicking Horse. I am excited to be entering my third season with CRE, spending my summers exploring the Nahanni. My winters are spent in Golden BC, Ski Patrolling and spending my […]

Brett Pawlyk

Neil called me up 10 years ago when a last minute spot opened up for a guide. I was owed a break from my canoe instructors job and I stepped into a dream world on the Nahanni. I have never looked back. The next ten years have taken me around the world to incredible rivers, […]

Jim Muir

I began guiding with CRE back in “the old days”, and I have guided most of the big rivers in the west and across the North. Whether it is raft or canoe, just put me on a river. Carpentry and skiing keeps me busy in the winter. The wildlife and hiking of the high arctic […]

Jamie and Nadine Burdon

We have been guiding with Neil for more than a decade. Jan Studios is our professional photography business that keeps us busy between expeditions. Capturing gorgeous images in a pristine wilderness setting has to be one of the greatest things. Sharing this with out river guests is one of the many highlights of our expeditions.

Andrea Mikus

Neil says I am benefiting from more than my share of good Karma! I migrate between the depths of the Grand Canyon and the ragged peaks and glaciers of the northern mountains. Yes, I often have to pinch myself! When I am not guiding I enjoy kayak descents of mountain rivers. Hmm.. I guess rivers […]

Christopher Rhodes

I joined Canadian River Expeditions in 2008 and have guided expeditions on the Firth, Alsek, Tatshenshini, Horton, Hart and Nahanni Rivers. I began my rafting ‘career’ in 2006 with REO Rafting in Southern British Columbia, learning how not to raft on the Nahatlatch, Thompson, Stein, Nicola and Coquihalla rivers. Prior to rafting, I worked as […]

Keri Rutherford

River guiding has been my passion for more than a decade. Canoeing and rafting these northern rivers is the “top of the food chain” in the guiding world! And I found out the north is magnetic! I was pulled from Ontario to Whitehorse, Yukon. Now we have a new apprentice guide – Sam.  He arrived in the […]

Chad Gennings

After whitewater raft guiding for eight years on the Kicking Horse River, I made a shift to the northern rivers when I started guiding for Canadian River Expeditions in 1999.  In the past 13 years with CRE/NRA, I have guided on the Tatshenshini, Firth, Alsek, Stikine, and Burnside Rivers.  In addition, I spent brief seasons guiding and […]

Dave “Whitey” Evans

I think I started river guiding in ’84 and the addiction was instant. Over the years I have guided most of the northern rivers we run and I seem to be drawn to the Firth and Alsek continuously. Must be the magnetic north. When I am not running rivers, I operate my steelhead fishing lodge […]

Lars Hartling

My mom and dad first bundled me up and took me down the Nahanni on a family trip when I was two. There have been many rivers after that. All of the big ones. So I guess it’s in my genes. When I am not canoeing or rafting, I enjoy ww kayaking, which has taken me as far […]

Morten Asfeldt and Krystal Shirley

contents arriving by pony express!

Rob Warburton

After completing a Bachelors degree in Outdoor Pursuits I began building my outdoor resume through various volunteer opportunities as well as personal expeditions from the Rocky Mountains to Baffin Island, Nunavut. I began expedition raft guiding for NRA/CRE in the summer of 2005 and during the intervening 10 years have had the privilege of experiencing the Nahanni River multiple times each summer. […]

Tyler Garnham

My raft guiding career has taken me around the world to Australia and Africa. In my ten years with CRE I have enjoyed spectacular trips in the western arctic. My “other career” as a professional photographer is the perfect marriage of passions Sharing my skills with river guests brings the experience to another level.  […]

Jeff Siddle

Even more than the stunning landscapes, exciting rivers, and majestic wildlife, it was people and relationships that brought me into guiding! It has been nearly a decade now, that I have had the pleasure of working for Nahanni Neil. In that time I have been extremely privileged to share northern rivers (and a lot of […]

Trish Duncan and Royce Casford

To support my studies in 1990, I (Trish) took a summer job down the road from our farm at a rafting company on the Rouge River in Quebec. After graduating from University I thought “just one more summer…” Well twenty years later I was still cruising down the rivers.   I was extremely fortunate to make […]

Chloe Steepe and Rob Vance

Rob: I started guiding for NRA in the spring of 2006. Taking a year off a few years ago to guide a 50 day canoe trip in Ontario has been my only summer away since I started guiding up north.  I have been fortunate to guide trips on 4 different northern rivers.  This past summer […]

Selena Cordeau

My raft and canoe guiding began in British Columbia on the Kicking Horse River and the Bowron Lakes. BC is beautiful but graduating to the Nahanni and Tatshenshini was like going to heaven. These days when I am not guiding I am working on glaciology projects in Revelstoke, BC. Now, I am in transition to work in […]

Doug Reese

Doug was last seen sleeping in the shadow of a cactus.

Maya Chang

I’ve always loved being in the outdoors.  When I became a certified raft guide in 2002, I managed to avoid winters for many years by working summer seasons in both New Zealand and British Columbia.  It’s been a privilege and honour to be able to travel through some of the most breathtaking areas in the […]

Maya March

  I have been guiding for NRA since 2004.  I’ve spent most of my time on my favorite river the Nahanni, and have run over 30 trips down the river by raft and canoe.  A highlight from my time in Nahanni National Park is an amazing heli-hiking trip up on the Ram Plateau in 2010.  […]

Liz Demers

I have been with NRA/CRE since 2003. I am drawn to adventures and wild places and guiding up north certainly fulfills the criteria! Guiding has allowed me to experience some very special places with very special people and I am fortunate enough to have paddled the Nahanni, Horton, Mountain, Coppermine, Burnside, Thelon, Tatshenshini, and Soper […]

Mike Neville

I am coming up on my 9th season with NRA, and within that time I have guided on the Nahanni, Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers. I have worked for the Outdoor Recreation Program at Vancouver Island University, and am currently working on my Masters with a focus on Integrated Land Management from Acadia University in Wolfville, NS, but Vancouver […]

Lara Fenton

I have been with CRE/NRA since 2001 and have guided the Burnside, Coppermine, and Nahanni Rivers. In the off season I teach at the University of Alberta in Edmonton in Outdoor Environmental Education and Recreation and Leisure. I spend my spare time playing hockey and cross country skiing in the river valley. This winter I […]

Alan Christie

Somehow my career as an engineer took a turn down a new path in 2000 after I completed a personal trip on the Nahanni and then turned my avocation into a career of guiding. In spite of expeditions around the world I keep coming north for my “fix” of wilderness beneath the midnight sun. When […]

Joel Luet

I came to canoeing almost by accident when some lifeguard staff training in Yellowknife included a canoe instructor course. And so began a love affair with the paddle that has included all aspects of paddling from poking about on tiny ponds and creeks to solo open boating a section of the Kicking Horse River. Since […]

Kevin Brigadyr

Missing in snow storm!

Kaj Johnson

My first arctic guiding was on the Nahanni when Neil assigned me to a trip with The Minister of the Environment, Jim Prentice. Since those days, I have become an RCMP Officer and my job has taken me higher into the arctic – to live. Can’t stay away!

Chris Ford

I began with CRE in the 1990’s when Big John and Johnny were wrangling the team. Those were great years and terrific trips. The good news is it just keeps getting better. Parenthood is keeping me land bound these days, but I keep trying to dream up schemes to get out on another expeditions. I […]

Alana Martinson

I have been guiding with NRA/CRE since 2005. In that time I have guided on the Nahanni, Tatshenshini and Stikine Rivers. Apart from that I have also travelled the Mara/Burnside Rivers, been on a dogsledding expedition on the north shore of the East Arm Great Slave Lake, solo backpacked around India, NZ, Australia, Fiji, England […]

Travis Finlayson

Will anyone volunteer to write Travis’ bio? He didn’t get the memo.

Tyler Dinsdale

I first began working as a River Guide in 1999, but started working with Canadian River Expeditions in 2005. I can most often be found guiding the Tatshenshini, Alsek, or Firth but have experience on the Babine and Chilko as well.  In my rafting career I have guided people safely off of waterfalls up to 21 […]

Haley Elzen

My guiding gigs have rotated between the Nahanni, dogsledding and the Kicking Horse River, interspersed with Ski Patroling. I have recently graduated from Nursing. Any day on the river is a good day!

Les Parsons

I have been guiding since 1984, when I took a trip down the Nahanni for the first time with my good friend Neil Hartling, and have now been guiding for over 25 years! In that time I have travelled the Nahanni, Tatshenshini, Burnside, Coppermine, Mountain, Stikine, Thelon and Wind, as well as having visiting many […]

Mark Kyte

The Nahanni was my first northern river and over my career I have guided throughout the north. Each river has left me with incredible memories. During the winter I teach school in Kinston, Ontario and teach at an Outdoor Education camp in the summer. My favourite thing about guiding is having the opportunities to explore […]

Melanie Siebert

I grew up paddling Canadian Shield rivers and my dad taught me to light a fire, read a map, and swim for shore when we ended up in the drink. I’ve guided for Nahanni River Adventures since 2000 and there’s nothing I love more than getting up early on a chilly morning with the mist […]

Sean Collins

VERY recent new parent. Bio to follow

Diane Gribbin

VERY recent new parent – see Sean Collins

Brad Kooy

Another engineer/river guide. He is calculating the specs for his bio

Bruce Kirby

Twenty years ago I managed to escape my life as an electrical engineer and I have been guiding ever since. My international adventures have taken me from Everest to Arabia’s empty quarter by camel, Borneo by kayak, Axel Heiberg, and the mountains of my own back yard in Kimberly BC. My passion for photography has […]

Alaina Robertson

My love of rivers came from my camp experiences as a youth in Ontario. My guiding and Outdoor Education career has taken me around the world, but since 2007 I have been guiding in the north for CRE and have never looked back. I have paddled across the north and these rivers flow through my […]

Jacqueline Hutchison

I have been guiding for almost 20 years now, having started in 1994. Within that time I have guided on the Nahanni, Coppermine, Horton, Snake, Wind and Yukon Rivers. Outside of guiding I have also paddled from the headwaters of the Columbia Icefields – Alberta to Thunder Bay, ON – in 92 days, as well […]

Adam Binder

I have always had a love for the outdoors and eventually my activities drove me to start getting certified and leading groups. That was back in 2004. I keep coming back for more! My personal exploration has taken me down many rivers around the world and included the Everest region. Non-adventure time finds me working […]

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